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  1. Hello

    Hello all :)

    I joined this site a while back but have only been posting recently. Ive been a christian since I was 5. I grew up in one fellowship, but my family left that fellowship a few years ago. I was kinda going between a few places while praying about where to go for a few years after that, I stayed in one place for about a year but it didnt feel it was where God wanted me and I have now just recently settled in my new 'home church' and its been wonderful.

    Anywho...thats a brief introduction! I dont really know what else to say here but I gotta rush out again now to a bible study..

    God bless :)
  2. I am blessed to meet you blessed!:D
  3. welcome blessed :) truly happy that you are with us !!
  4. Welcome to the forums blessed. I like your username...

  5. Showers of many blessings rain upon you:D.....Blessed:)
  6. Welcome to the Christian Forum Site.
  7. Thanks everyone! :D
  8. I like your name, cool..and a big ole welcome.:D
  9. Welcome blessed! Look forward to hearing more about you! :)
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    Just dropping off some flowers to welcome you to the board !! I am sure that your going to be blessed over & over again by all the members here !!!
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    welcome to the site

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