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  1. Hello


    My name is Julia I am a Christian from north east England. I was saved and baptized in my youth, strayed in my twenties but returned to the Lord after nine years in the 'wilderness'. None but the Lord Jesus Christ can satisfy. I just want to serve Him.

    I hope to find this site spiritually rewarding and stimulating.

  2. Hi there Julia!

    pleased to meet another newbie, and a Brit to boot!

    hope your time here will help you to keep on the path, and bring you companions to share it with :D
  3. Hi there Aspie

    Thank you for your message of welcome

    I'm from Northampton originally ..grew up in Duston...my mum still lives there

    God bless You

  4. [​IMG]Welcome to the forum!
  5. wow, i used to live in Duston too!

    im moving to Bristol in a few weeks time
  6. Thank you also Fluffy and Boanerges.

    I am looking forward to searching this forum further. The Lord has been so gracious and merciful to me that I long to be drwn closer to Him day by day.

    Every blessing

  7. Welcome to the Site, Julia.
  8. A warm "Welcome to the CFS" Julia, I'm a newbie too. Hope you are enjoying your experiences here as much as I am. God bless you heaps, Julia
    Your sis in Christ Jesus, Autumn
  9. Wecome Sister in christ

    God bless
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