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  1. Hello!

    Hello to all! I'm from heaven, but temporarily residing in Texas ;)

    Glad to be a member of this site. I hope to meet some really great peeps! :dance:
  2. A warm welcome to bratface75

    Hello, bratface75 and welcome to Christian Forum Site, or more fondly known as CFS.

    We are very thankful you have decided to join the forums. I hope that you particpate very much here and that God blesses your time with us richly.

    If you have any QUESTIONS or COMMENTS, please send a PM (PRIVATE MESSAGE) to the staff - they are there to help and are glad to answer any questions.

    Please refer to forum Rules and Regulations and the Member's Surivival Guide in case you may need it in the near future.

    God bless!

  3. Hi and welcome to the Site.
  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :)
    I definately read over the survival tips! I do need to find out why though I cannot edit my info because when I signed up we were headed out the door, so I didn't get a chance to fill out ALL the info on my page. But when I go to user cp and edit details, the screen is blank. :confused::eek:

    Anywho, I am glad to be here! :)
  5. It is good to have you here BF! Most features take a 5 post minimum or 24 hours to become active. Also due to a technical problem the profiles tend to appear at the extreme bottom right of a rather lengthy page.
    I look forward to talking to you and hearing about your faith in Christ, your brother Larry.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I'm in Texas also. :)

  7. Scroll a l-o-n-g way to the right and you will find it.
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcomes!!!

    I am in Fort Worth :)

    haha!! LOOKEY THERE!!! I found it!! Thanks! :read::blush:
  9. Glad that you found it. I has fooled many people. Just a system glitch.
  10. Must be something in the vb code.

    Got it, updated it and good to gooooooo!!! :) Thanks again!
  11. [​IMG]To the forum, Bratface! What part of Texas are you from? I'm out west. Where its hot, dry, dusty and did I mention hot?
    Good to have you here! Stop by the Coffee House sometime, and have a cuppa!
  12. Ha! Thanks!!
    I am in the Fort Worth area. Where it's still HOT but soon to be not dry (after rain tonight haha)!!
    Thanks for the welcome and the invite! Will be sure to come by :)
  13. You Belong, as always.

    Bratface75, You are indeed welcome. Join us. The many we get even in our spiritual walk Home, the better we feel.
  14. Welcome to the forums, Bratface!! I think my son wants to say welcome too because he just hit the keyboard and it made everything on the screen double in size. Oh well. :blink:
  15. lol.. Well hello to the both of you!! :)
    How old is your son?
  16. Well the one that made my post into a pixilated blob on the screen is about five months old. My other two are three and five. My girl is three and my five year old bulldozer is a boy.
  17. W E L C O M E ! ! ~


    Have lots of fun here!

    That is an order!

    But yes, Fun. Have it.
  18. SIR YES SIR! hehehe
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