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  1. hello

    Hi everyone just thought i would introduce myself been lurking for a wee while now.

    I have found this particular forum very helpful, atm im debating with myself which church to continue with as i had converted to roman catholic but a very delicate personal situation has forced me out the door.

    I consider myself born again and intend to visit various local churches over the coming weeks and also to educate myself on their own doctrine if thats the right word. Im also unsure of which bilble to continue with i had been reading both the jerusalem and niv, which altho catholic i had chosen when filled with the holy spirit. so decisions decisions lol.

    Anyway thats all for now like i said just a quick hello.
  2. Hello, Staples, hope you can find your way around ok.
    Please ask if you need any assistance.
  3. Hi Staples and welcome.:)
  4. :welcome:
  5. Welcome to the Christian site.
  6. thanks for the welcome guys
  7. hey staples i went through the same thing when i was younger i went to catholic school and to be honest i didnt care for it to much and mass was so boring to me i guess because i was made to go recently i was born again and so was my wife and kids we goto the new life assembly of god church let me tell ya what what an awesome place it is to worship the lord you can worship in any way you please not like mass stand up neil down mass is to structured for me anymore but check out a new life church and also try reading the new living translation bible i can really understand jesus's teachings

  8. thanks charlie i will consider that version
  9. [​IMG]
    To the forum, Staples! This is indeed, a fine place to be!
    As to bible versions, personally, I like the New King James. It doesnt have the 'thee's and 'thou's and 'shalt's, but it is faithful to the original translation. The NIV is good to understand, but it leaves out a few verses, and that bothers me.
    Good to have you here!
  10. thanks fluffy
    i will look in the book shop this week

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