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  1. Hello!

    Hey! I'm new here and just joined today. I became a Christ believer the summer of 2006. I believe I was saved ever since baptism. Being saved, however, isn't the same as believing or having faith in Christ. I was raised in a Lutheran Church and switched to an Episcopal Church in the summer of 2006. Ever since I accepted Christ, I have been attending retreats, sunday school, high school youth group, and etc. I'm learning more about God's mystery and growing in faith everyday. God bless and take care :)
  2. Thanks, Boanerges!! God bless and have a great week ;).
  3. Welcome, ChristianAngel! You will have to meet American Angel. This is a wonderful place to meet new friends and learn about Heavenly Father. :israel:
  4. Hi CA,
    Great to have you join us.
    Welcome to the forum.:welcome:

    If you have any questions just ask we are a friendly bunch.

    To help you get started please read the New Members Survival thread. It makes the journey into this forum much easier.
    You will find it here
    Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site
  5. Welcome!
  6. [​IMG]And please join us at the Coffee House sometime!
  7. :welcome:
  8. :welcome:

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