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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by bmc196, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. Hello to ALL

    I just posted without first introducing myself. I seem to have a habit of doing things downside up:D somewhat. I read a post and had to respond. It is nice to enter a forum-my first ever Christian forum - and to be able to discuss the Christian life. I have just had the realisation that I have got Christ. This only became real to me, outside my mind somewhat, when I answered a question posed I thought and felt from God. The question was Are you willing to live for me. This is I believe asked of the Christian and in my heart asked of me. It has taken me a while to answer this question and to see the significance and enormorty(Spell check here?) of this question. My answer is yes. I have known I have been saved for sometime now, but now I am willing to be used and led. Its not about me anymore, albeit very much so.
    I look forward to discussing the christian walk with participants of this forum

  2. welcome,you will learn a lot here,very good site.:)
  3. Nice to have you here "Welcome"

    God bless
  4. Welcome to the forum. :)
  5. Welcome to CFS my brother from another mother from down under. Hey where you been?? We been waitin for you to show up........... I dont know how long we been waitin, it's been that long. Anyways here you are at last. so I threw an extra chili on the grill 4 ya [​IMG]
    Hope ya like it hot for Jesus cuz we do!

    So nice to meet ya bro. Kick ur shoes off and kick back and get warm by the fire of God. Something is allways cookin here. We are allways hungry for the word of God and go to sleep full.........of the word and blessings.
    God bless you
    Chili out.
  6. Thankyou Brothers and Sisters for your welcome.
  7. Welcome to the Christian Site, bmc. My realization of knowing Christ happened on May 18, 1963 when I called on Him to forgive and save me from my sin.
  8. My answer this morning to the question I believe was posed from God is yes again. In the past this would of made me feel this situation is not real. I evaluated Truth as something that could not change and had no possibility of choice. If there was a possibility then it wasn't truth. Tricky thing this human natured mind!! I have got free will. I must be a hard nut or something, but I've heard this and read this, but its taken me years to understand this concept and just when I think I do, I'm in trouble. I dont really understand it, other than seeing I have free will. I can choose to deny. This morning my answer is yes.
  9. Awesome! As we yield our hearts and stand in faith His power, love, joy and freedom flow in and through us!:D
  10. [​IMG]

    Isn't this most coolest place ever, you can be yourself here and still be accepted....lol
    Seriously though the christian life is hard enough without having to deal with non-christians in a christian forum, especially when there are newbie christians in the forum.
    I've been walking the way of the master for many years even so, I'm so grateful for this christian forum in which to be refresh and encouraged by such awesome group of people.
    This forum as become a home away from home, while sitting at my pc desk...lol.
  11. Howdy! New around here. Just love reading all your posts. Find myself in quite a few forums for various reasons, and while I maintain my witness and testimony, the language and viewpoints out there get to be so awful at times. So I'm pretty much content to hear all your Christ centered conversations as much as possible. This forum exudes a certain youthfulness (nothing to do with age)...and such is the kingdom of God. (MT19:14) Ain't never seen so many kitty-cats!
  12. Yes to the Lord Jesus is a GOOD answer!
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