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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Ben Douglas, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Hi, my name is Ben and I'm an oldie at age 69, I live in Brisbane Australia. I'm interested in prophecy and believe we are seeing the beginning of the end times now.

    I thank you for having me and look forward to exploring the many topics and discussions here.

    God bless you all.
  2. Welcome to CFS Ben. We are glad you decided to join as this is a wonderful place to come and fellowship and be encouraged. We all love the Lord and look forward to fellowship with you. Before you begin, please review the welcome pack link below.
    God bless,
  3. Thank you for your welcome Godbe4me, and I am happy to tell you that I did read the three items of the welcome pack. :)

    God bless,
  4. Thanks and God Bless :)
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  5. Welcome Ben and I agree with your statement!
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  6. Thanks for your welcome Major.

    And yes, indications are that all the major World and Middle Eastern powers are in play in Syria as we speak,..Israel, USA, Europe, Sunni Arab States such as Libya, Egypt, Saudi, Jordan, Lebanese Sunni, Palestinian Hamas, Qatar, and Al Quada on the one hand supporting the Syrian Sunni uprising (Syrian National Council), while Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Labanese Shiite (Hezbollah, Amal), are supporting the Syrian Government (Alawites/Shiites).

    The polarization is readily evident, and the waters are so muddy that so many things could go wrong,...a serious misjudgement by either side or any one of the active players and it could easily spiral out of control. And even if Syria isn't a sufficient catalyst on its own, the war rhetoric by both sides concerning Israel and Iran is growing more belligerent as each month goes by.

    Good time to be doing one's best to complete our mission for the Lord imho.
  7. Yes we must all bow and pray for the seriousness of the situation in the Middle East. "It has begun, and the time of the Lords return in near". Love one another and Share all that you have been given.
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  8. Yes HolyGardenMaide, amen to that!
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  9. After a long time searching and waiting on the Lord to give me guidance, I have finally found a church to "belong to" although I will never feel as loved as I felt at SOTH (Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran) in Stevenson Washington! (Im not even a Lutheran)Anyway one of the many reasons God has chosen this church home for me is because of the overwhelming committment they have to think Global and act local, giving to the Poor and the widows...and twice a week we pray specifically for Israel and the Middle East. We could just try to close ourselves off in our little safe Christian spheres and pretend that what happens in the middle east has no effectr on us here. Or because it rains abundantly in the PNW, climate change and global warming are not real......But what good would those actions do? We must all pray and pray and pray in all things! And seek Gods will for our lives! 0:)
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  10. Amen my brother!
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  11. I still dont get this 'THREAD" thing..
  13. Can you explain what you mean about "not getting this THREAD thing?
  14. Welcome Ben. I am glad the Lord lead your fingers this way, well you could put it that way :) lol.. enjoy and hope to hear more! God Bless!
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  15. Thank you for your welcome zapps. God bless.
  16. Well lets see, I am actually quite computer savy, (Im a qualified Library Technician)but do to health issues concerning shock, loss, and grief, some days when I look at this site and want to contribute, but the way the thread/feed is displayed seems somewhat confusing. I am reluctant to participate for fear I am writing on the wrong line or the post will be out of sync and show up somewhere "else". I have read through some of the notes regarding the "display" features etc. Idk some days the posts just look strange to me like when you spell word and you know you spelled it correctly but it still just doesnt look right.
  17. Well I am NOT real computer savy myself. BUT honestly, if you just click on "REPLY" at the bottom right hand corner of each post, that post will then be re-posted for you. Then when you look at the re-posted material notice the last word on the page which will be........{ /quote}.

    You can then type in your comment and or responce after the {/quote}.

    Try it!! Whats the worse thing that can happen????
  18. Yes I it is very straight forward, just some days it looks like Im on someone elses page. So I will Trust!!!
    I hate making stupid tech mistakes, buthey mistakes make us all learn ey?
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  19. Indeed HolyGardenMaide, there really is no other way to learn imo.

    Theory is one thing, but one never knows if it is correct until it is put into practice, and if it doesn't work, then one resolves the problem to correct it.

    And a funny thing I've learnt, humility comes from making errors and being humiliated as a result,...many many times! Eventually our ego which is practically synonymous with pride, is so diminished that the Grace and Light of God (which is always there but is obscured by our own self preoccupation/pride) shines forth from the inner source of our being to displace ego in importance.

    So when I look back on my life, I thank God for all the humiliation one has experienced (I hated it at the time and still do but less so when I make an error..:)), for to be honest, I thought of myself as being God's special gift to the world.. :),...now God takes center stage.
  20. My name used to be "Humility and Calamity", but it seems lately the Lord is working on changing my name and my perspective. I hope in all I can bring Joy! It's not over til the fat lady sings ey?
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