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  1. Hello there

    Hello everyone! My name is Colby. I'm married with four children. I work at a Federal holding facility. I look forward to meeting you all!
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    So glad to have you!
  3. Hey Colby! Wow, four children! You are blessed :) :)
    Hope you enjoy this forum! It really is amazing :)
  4. Hello, Colby and welcome to CFS. Nice of you to take the time to find us and to register. Your new family here is the finest group of Christian friends that you could ever wish to fellowship with. You will also find that there are approximately 11 current or retired law enforcement officers here at CFS, including myself.

    Blessings to you and again, welcome.
  5. I did not know that! That's awesome :)
  6. Thank you all so much for the welcomes! I've been looking around and this site is really awesome! I have a question. Where do I find info like how many posts before you're a full member and stuff like that? I looked around and couldn't find anything. Look forward to chatting with you all!
  7. Colby - with the post that you placed here above this one, the software kicked in and assigned you Full Membership.

    You can now access your own profile and several other features...


    Pastor Gary
  8. welcome to CFS.

  9. Colby,

    Welcome to CFS. Great to have you aboard. Hope you start enjoying every bit of this forum soon..

    Take care
  10. :welcome:

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