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  1. I joined mainly because I have been having problems discovering which translation of the scriptures to study.
    Every time I think that I have found a good bible, someone comes along and tells me to throw that bible away
    because it is a corrupt translation. Which translation should I read and why? I am really torn by this and
    hope that I can figure this out.

    Thanks in advance for any input on this subject.

    Your brother in Christ, Casey.
  2. Welcome to CFS Casey,

    Try the King James and New Living bible versions. They seem to be the closest to the original writing.

    I enjoy using those and the amp just to get a different feel for what is being said. You can not go wrong with kj and nlv.

    If you have not done so please click this link below and go through your welcome pack and familiarize your self with the forum guide lines and policies.

    Thank you Casey and feel free to make some friends and have some good old fellowship.
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  3. Thank you for your reply. I will have to get a copy of the NLV as I have a very hard time
    understanding Old English.
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  4. I can agree with you big time on that.
    Although when something stands out in one say the nlt then God has taught me to read it in the kjv.

    I do believe you will be pleased and blessed.
    Welcome again
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  5. Thank you. That is a great idea. I think that I will try to acquire both.
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  6. I had a parallel bible once that had both. Pretty cool.

    What do you have now?
    Also you can get bible apps for devices of more versions then you have heard of.
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  7. I have the KJ and Tecarta on my phone but need to get hard copies as soon as I can round up
    the funds.
  8. I have the KJ and Tecarta on my phone but need to get hard copies as soon as I can round up
    the funds.
  9. If you have a good will or thrift store around then check them out. I got a big new living for like 50 cents or something like that. Funny how they are in excellent new condition to. Lol
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  10. Welcome Casey! It's great to have you here in cfs.

    Hmmmm Bible translations....good subject. I have to agree with fish catcher...the kjv and the nlt are supposed to be the closest. One of my pastors (who does a lot of study in the Greek recommends the nlt) as does a lot of the pastors I listen to. However I do have to say that every one should be read with the Holy Spirit's help... (just ask Him for wisdom when you begin to read) due to translators having limited knowledge when translating way back when, and some of the texts translated from had light spots and such. So there are mistakes or added (italic words) in some of them too.

    The Holy Spirit is a wonderful teacher though, and very smart and generous with knowledge when asked :)

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance, look forward to talking with you.
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  11. Yes. I do pray before and during studying the scriptures. It's just that when I find a bible it seems that
    there is always someone that tells me that it is a corrupt translation and sometimes they actually tell
    me very adamantly to throw it in the trash. The last time it was the NIV translation.

    I have also been told not to study the scriptures in a foreign tongue and Old English is such
    to me.

    I realize that Father God has told us that his word will be preserved and am trying to find out

    Thank you for your time.
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    I am sure if you stick with the new living translation you will find it easy to read and brings you much peace.

    I read the niv for years. And just recently (4-5 years ago) began reading the new living. Quite a lot of similarities. So maybe in the time your waiting for the time and money to get a new living translation, keep reading your niv if you still have it. The Holy Spirit will show you the errors that are needing to be corrected.

    Blessings to you!
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  13. Hi Casey,
    Listen bro, I would simply pray that the Holy Spirit would guide you in your reading and read what you have. Other wise you may get caught up in a revolving door going around and around listening to every person and their opinions on what bible to read.

    Like I said you won't go wrong with the new living and king James together AND you won't do wrong reading out of another until you get what you want.

    Just read what ya got !!
    Blessings my friend
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  14. Thank you very much. That is what I needed to find out. I am not going to worry about it any more.
    I am sure, that after asking Him, God will provide me with his word.
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  15. Amen brother amen.
    Remember if God wants you reading a different version then He will not only let you know but He will supply it.
    Blessings and happy blessed reading
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  16. Thank you and I am sorry for my some times late replies as I am trying to balance corresponding
    with you and work.
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  17. No problem and no worries. It is the same on both ends here. I think we call it life. ;)
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  18. Welcome to CFS!
    Good to see you here. ;)
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