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    Brother FC Jim, I hope these links are ok to post.

    Roy Orbinson performed "Pretty Woman" on American Bandstand in 1966 and had a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    I don't know if Abbott and Costello were Christians but their comedy was a point for Christian articles (search the internet). Their skits were clean, pure and loved by all ages.

    Petula Clark performed "Down Town" on Top Of The Pops in 1965. I was 7 when I saw her perform on TV. I don't know if she is born again but she recorded Christian songs that inspired many believers.

    God bless you all!
  2. Wow I hope the mods and Heisonfirst don't mind us congesting his thread with good old entertainment but I really enjoyed them tunes bob thankyou good stuff Roy and Petula and abbot and Costello really are funny. I've never seen that sketch before
    I'll look some more of their stuff being new and all.
    Whoever created first base seemed happy enough!
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  3. Hi HeIsOnFirst... Welcome to CFS! Glad you're here and looking forward to your input.
  4. Welcome!! :D
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  7. Thought you might like a change. Lol
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  8. Welcome Welcome HeIsOnFirst! So nice of you to join us! We look forward to all your posts/replies/fellowship. Hope to see you around here often. God bless!
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  10. Been away from the computer a few days and playing catchup. You guys are awesome, thanks for all the welcomes and love the posts.

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  11. Thank you so much for those posts. So many memories there and it is always nice to know there are people in show business (yes even today) who are believers. I haven't seen the full who's on fist bit in a long time, just showed it to my daughter, she was annoyed at first by was fully laughing but the end.

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  12. Welcome to CFS :) looking forward to fellowshipping with you.

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