Hello ^o^

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  1. Hello ^o^

    Hi, my name is Jennifer. I'm a 28 year old married college student and homemaker. I have been looking for a good natured Christian community so I hope this one works out. :)
  2. Thanks Violet :) I have to say, your lovely pictures that you post all over this site are what got my attention. It takes extra effort to go and get them to post and I think it's great you are doing that extra bit.
  3. hi welcome,good forum.:)
  4. Thanks smellycat, your username is cute. :D
  5. Why thank you....
    I actually tried to write you something too but I couldn't once I put the WELCOME there, for some reason.
    I know you will love it here and I am very happy to meet you.
    Look around and post all you want!:)
    You can have a little Blog here too.
    Love, Violet~

  6. Very nice!!!
    I bookmarked your site, Jennifer~
  7. Thank you Violet! :D I really look forward to posting more here, I have so much that I want to share. I think I will start a blog here actually, eventually. I was thinking of making my own blog site but I really don't blog all that much so this is a great idea.

    My inspiration for making my Bible page was so that no matter where I go or who I meet, nobody can say they don't have a Bible to read because I have provided one for anyone. :shepherd:
  8. Hi, Jennifer!

    It's a pleasure meeting you!

    Welcome to the forum!


    And thank you so much for your sites. I like both.
    I want to cook
    Apple Oatmeal Cookies or Frosted Banana Bars .
    It sounds so unusual.
  9. Thanks for the welcome and the beautiful picture God's_Child :D I'm glad you enjoyed the sites. Those recipes really are good there. I've tried and tested every one of them :p
  10. Hi Jennifer , welcome th the CFS family. I hope you have a great time!

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