hello my christian brothers and sisters!!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by dnl30, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. hello my christian brothers and sisters!!

    i just wanted to say hello and it sure is a pleasure to be a part of this forum site! thank you so much for accepting me and i really look forward to meeting you!
  2. Welcome :) So glad you're here .

    Love Bless .
  3. Hello, dnl! I'm curious about your username :) How did you get it?

    Anyways, before you continue to post, please check out the following links:



  4. thank you so much Michael! God bless!
  5. No, you didn't say anything wrong in the post :)
    We give those links to every new member that decides to join :)
  6. oh good! thank you!
  7. You are quite welcome :)
    And I see you're from Ohio.
    I went there last summer to visit the Amish. :D
    It was an amaaaazing weekend!
  8. yes i am from ohio. that's awesome! i actually have alot of amish relatives. you didn't happen to visit middlefield, ohio did you? that's amish country where i live! it's about 30 minutes from where i live.
  9. I honestly forget hahah. It happened a year ago :(
    But I"ll let you know! But that's awesome.
    We did an Amish tour and ate at some amazing Amish restaurants :)
    we even ate at an Amish home. the people were SO nice :)
  10. that's great, i'm glad you had a good time:)
  11. Welcome to the forum
  12. thank you Dusty, glad to be here! -Dan
  13. Welcom to CFS...Glad you joined us. We look forward to fellowship with you.

    God bless,

  14. thank you so much, i also look forward to fellowship too.
  15. Welcome to CFS

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