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  1. Hi I'm Nelo and I've been recently saved by church friends of my cousin. I was a catholic then I lost faith and was saved and now a christian. There are many challenges and questions sprouting in my mind but I hope I strengthen faith with Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I may have questions that maybe offensive to some but it's like my way of learning because I wish to be free of those questions. Please help me strengthen my faith because the enemy is trying to pull me away but I'm fighting back for my Lord Jesus Christ. I hope finding this site is part of God's plan for me as I'm thinking of a forum where I could express myself as a new christian. Thank you God and thank you everybody for accepting me even though I'm a bad christian... I love you all and God bless.
  2. We are ALL sinners saved by His Grace... ;)

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  3. Hi I'm a guy who love researching lots of things from cultures, mythologies, traditions from many countries. I also research everything unclear to me, watch many documentaries and I really have a thirst for knowledge with various things as I'm very curious.

    I was told to stop researching as all answers are in the bible and stop trying to learning different things as it might lessen my faith with the lord. I really like learning and reading stuff from many cultures as it fascinates me to learn their way of living and as well learn how things work in various perspectives. I accept the Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and I'm not born a christian, I choose to be a christian from my own free will, free from traditions and brainwash.

    Would it hurt to learn more? They all ganged up on me and said what I'm doing is wrong, stop researching and only pray... Is this one of the things I should sacrifice? Thank you and I hope God lead me here to find the answer.
  4. Stop learning? How ridiculous is that?

    I would say-learn with caution. What I mean is this; certain trails will test your faith and tempt you to walk away from God's truth. Make the Bible the first read in your day and in your problem solving; find those of like mind for reinforcement and study the tactics of the enemy so we are not 'ignorant of the devices of the devil'. Purpose/ Settle in your heart to adhere to God's Word.

    There are many things in "Christian" circles that will lead you to "New Age" thinking. Remember, the LORD is the same today as He is yesterday and always. The LORD doesn't change His mind on a whim or with popular culture and technology. Try the spirits to see if they are of God.

    Learn with the Spirit of Discernment-but to 'stop learning'? Strange concept. Man's knowledge is limited-God's wisdom is infinite. But man is used of God to fulfill His purposes. We often switch that around in our vain imaginations....
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  5. Yes, Thank you very much Brother Mike :cry:! I try to learn many things but I always stay with the Lords teachings no matter what I read. My family thinks that I might read things that would change me as I'm into reading things of different culture & tradition and I should only resort to the bible in all things. They also don't like me reading & researching mythologies from Greek, Norse, and Japanese because it talks about different Gods and spirits but I don't worship them... I only love our Lord and prioritize him and nothing else. Now I don't think I could discuss science with them as they might think I've gone Atheist but I did not. I understand them and still love them because of their concern for me and my faith but I hope they trust me that I will always have my faith with the Lord.
  6. Thank you Brother Mike, I pray that they will be protected by God. I heard their is a Pastor who is in Maximum security prison in the middle east for preaching the word of God, please pray for him and all of the people with the similar case.

    Brother Mike, I have a question again. I told you I'm a guy that research a lot of things that and includes the bible. I don't just read the read the bible I really study it because there are many things that are unclear and controversial and I want to learn more about it. My Aunt told me to stop researching the bible too and told me to just read it and pray to God that he will give the meaning to me.

    For me researching the bible is like going to bible study and Sunday worship where we learn verses and it's meaning, why can't I do it at home? I'm a new Christian 3 months and I'm confused because my Auntie is a christian for a long time so I follow her advise but sometimes I want to answer back but I didn't and just nod my head as yes but I really feel bad like something is wrong.

    At worship I study regular verses and at home I study controversial verses. I research the controversial verses not because I lack faith or doubt but to learn how to defend my faith & Christianity as the enemy also uses the bible against us. I'm new so I may not know a lot of things but what I believe is that we should be a Christian not only thinking of our salvation but also the salvation of others.

    How could we do that if all we do is read the Bible 24/7 but not actually understanding it. I understand them that I should just have faith in the Lord and stop questioning the bible but I think we should try to study it so it will be clear and we could apply the Bible in our lives. Do we always need to a Pastor to explain the bible for us or we can also do it ourselves? I believe we can study the word of God any where and any time, alone or with others! There can't be enough of God! How can there be a limit?

    What's so bad in "researching"? They just tell me to stop that and pray to God for the answers come to my mind :(. I'm not doubting the bible nor the word of God I just want to study it...

    These restriction to research is becoming an issue to me... I may understand them stopping me in studying foreign culture & mythologies but why stop me also with the bible?
  7. 1 Peter 3:15 +

    We are to be prepared when confronted-the only way to be prepared is to study...

    I say this as gently as I can; but the attitude and actions of those around you seem 'cult' like by your description. A Pastor is man- a sinner saved by grace placed in a position of servitude to a flock by God. A Pastor is not to be "followed"; he is to preach, teach and minister and be the example of Christ for those God brings to his fold. The only way to become a Pastor is to first be saved, follow the LORD in obedience and love, and study to show themselves to be approved. If a man does not have a testimony worthy of being called a Christian-then he should not be in the position of Pastor. If we are truly following Christ, a Pastor will have the following attributes:

    Galatians 5:
    22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

    Sometimes people refer to Titus, 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy as the "Pastoral Epistles" because the are often directed at the leaders of the Church....

    Yes-pray for Pastor Saeed

  8. Hmm... I'm really concerned about the cult like behavior.

    I know they're good Christians no doubt but I want to know if they are not going extreme.
    Is there a way to detect if they are on the right track?

    1. They fear fictional genre and considering them as taboo as these things maybe used by the enemy to lessen faith.
    2. They refrain me from researching answers from verses I read and ask only God for answers as will be re veiled in time.
    3. They refrain me in Christian forums as they fear that there maybe fake Christians answering my questions and should rely on real prayer groups. (I told them the forum I'm in is OK but they are making sure as the enemy might use it against my faith)
    They may fear online stuffs about God as the enemy may give false information.

    I feel they trying tell me that that enemy is everywhere and I know that, we all know that ... but I if you have faith in the Lord that he's with us at all times why fear & think of them so much. I don't know if it's all in my mind or maybe I'm wrong about them. Please tell me if I'm in the wrong as well, I really want to improve myself in being Christian.
  9. Well-God doesn't rule by 'fear' in the definition as we so often use it. Should we 'fear' the LORD-yes, we should fear-AKA: RESPECT the LORD in His Holy Righteousness with "trembling" AKA: knowing God is all powerful and has the power to destroy us but still grants us life under the umbrella of His Mercy and Love.

    Should we 'fear' the enemy? This is a paradoxical question; we need to have an understanding of our enemy's devices/ wiles and know that the enemy has intelligence and influence-but the enemy doesn't have any real 'power' over us unless we allow it (Spiritually speaking). But are we to be "afraid"? No

    Although I do believe in learning-since we live in this world we should not be 'willfully ignorant'; I want to reiterate what I said above: consume knowledge with discernment. The #1 question you should ask yourself in anything you do is "is what I am doing HOLY; or lending towards Holiness?"

    So if you find yourself going down a trail reading -or- learning- or - doing some thing leading you away from Christ; stop doing it... (AKA: Repentance)

    As to "fake Christians"; not sure how to approach that one since we are ALL sinners saved by grace. At the same time-I DO believe in being separated / different from the world. We are supposed to 'come out from among them' spiritually. Our outward appearance should match our inward appearance-else we become hypocrites (which I am-God forgive me). That being said; our separation is not meant to be "isolation". We are commanded to be the 'light of the world', 'salt of the earth', example of Christ 'IN the world but not OF the world.' Christ should be SEEN in us as we 'go out into the world' and 'preach the Gospel' to the lost souls of the world. How can we do this in ignorant isolation?

    But we need be careful-'putting on the armor of God'.

  10. Possibly what others fear may happen is that because you consider yourself new as a Christian you are in the stage of learning as a child learn from their parents ... yes, there are those that will diverse you from the truth but i don't think there is anyone here that will do that, and besides there are some really strong adult Christians that would prevent that...

    Do not be afraid, Christ told us not to be afraid for He is always with us... right now you should concentrate on reading and getting as much discernment from the Bible of the Word of God as possible so that you can go from being a 'newby' to an 'adult' in the Word... but trust in God and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in all things for we can't do it alone... search the verses, look into the original meaning of words, when reading scripture look at where else it is written whether in the OT or NT. God gave us a brain to be able to use so that we can also impart His gospel onto others but thru prayer and trust and asking the Holy Spirit we can be one with God ...

    i like science fiction it is a way of entertainment for me... i don't watch movies that graphically show how a person is killed, or any movie that makes evil romantic, but once you are strong in the Word nothing can come between you and God...
  11. Thank you guys! I feel much better now :) I really learned a lot
  12. Hello Christian_Nelo! I know exactly how you feel. I grew up in a very religiously restricted home, and was only allowed to believe certain things. The years that followed my childhood were so very confusing and painful.

    I used to feel very guilty about questioning my beliefs, and questioning God, but then I noticed a consistent pattern: God is always very patient with people who question Him.
    Moses made so many excuses in Exodus 3 and 4 about why he was the wrong man to confront Pharoh, yet God did not get angry until Moses really pushed the limit, even then he was merciful.
    In Judges 6 we see a similar scene while Gideon spends most of the chapter questioning God's identity and trustworthiness, and still God is patient and kind with him.
    Hebrews 5:11-14 speaks of the importance of "trying to understand", and critisizes those who do not.
    Jonah even questions God with bitter anger in the last chapter of the book of Jonah, and even though He is being rather discourteously accused, God still answers calmly.

    I encourage you to always challenge every belief that you encounter, no matter how large or small (I mean that in the most extreme literal sense possible). Realizing and confronting the deficiencies that we have in knowledge is the key to refining wisdom. I look forward to talking with you. God bless...
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  13. Can Christians visit the cementary and bring flowers to love ones who passed away? They told me I can't... and "once someone is dead, it's the end" (0_0) ... No point in talking to them... only talk to God... and pray for the living

    I told them... "I'm just going to visit Grandpa... I'm not going to pray (to) or (for) him"

    Can I at least visit for a second? If it's not allowed... it's ok...
    Maybe a bible verse could help... I'm searching right now... To help the remove confusion...
    Sorry I'm not used to not visiting... I'm a new Christian... pls. bear with me... I may not understand certain things...

    I just didn't know, I'm not allowed to visit the cementary...

    HELP... :(
  14. Hi Christian_Nelo! I have some scripture to share with you:

    One thing that stood out when I read this section of the Bible is that Jesus visited the tomb of his friend Lazarus not only to raise him from the dead, but to mourn for him as well. Jesus would not have done this had it been a sin, as he was blameless.

    Also, I noticed something else that's peculiar; the Pharisees (who hated Jesus and attempted to condemn him at every turn) do not mention anything about Jesus doing wrong by visiting a grave. They heckled Jesus for every single perceived violation of the law, and accused him of wrongdoing at every opportunity. I think that it's logical to assume that the fact that they don't make a fuss about it seems to suggest that they saw nothing wrong with that particular aspect.

    Another section of scripture comes to mind;

    In this part of the Bible, we notice that two of Jesus' followers (one of them his mother, I think?) willingly visit his tomb. If such activity were forbidden, doubtless that Jesus' followers would be well aware of that. They are greeted by an angel, who instead of rebuking them, gives them hope and good news.

    So my opinion? No, there is nothing wrong with visiting the dead. I feel uneasy about praying to the dead, but at the moment, I don't have any scripture to back up my feelings on that.

    One of the hard lessons that I've had to learn as a Christian is that God is not waiting to smash you for your sins. I sometimes envision God as a parent who attempts to coax his young child to walk across the living room to Him. We (the child) will trip and fall as we attempt to learn how to walk. If our hearts are in the right place, God merely encourages us to stand up and continue to try. Our success comes from allowing God to lead us rather than how perfect we live our lives. Sometimes I try to be completely perfect every moment of my life, and every time I get beaten down, discouraged, and angry at God for having such high standards. Life is as much learning from the journey as it is reaching the destination.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Anyone who chooses to follow God is a child of God, and is equally loved by God. Just reading your posts, I think you're a pretty swell guy, and I would love to converse with you anytime. If you ever feel like talking about anything, send me a message. God bless buddy, I'll be praying for you.
  15. Well they are quite adamant about it... I tried to share scriptures with them but still told me it's wrong without any scripture reference... they might have gotten it in prayer groups or a pastor way back o_O.

    I'll let it go... I'll not further discuss it... I'll stay silent until the right day has come...

    but I have made a self rule to myself...

    I will not submit to "any practices" from any people, "who ever they might be"... that is not of scripture. If they want to stop me, they should tell me through scripture and nothing else. I only submit to GOD... and no man...

    I maybe following them because they are Christians but I noticed that I shouldn't be following Christians but to GOD only and THEY should do the same...

    I will try to uncover what the bible is trying to tell me to protect myself ... and soon for others...
    I need the truth... and the bible does have the answers and I will study it ... so I'll know WHAT is the real righteous thing to do.
  16. Wise words, my friend. All of humankind is blind to certain aspects of life, and all people seek to exert power over others in one form or another. Some people (like the pharisees) cannot find it in themselves to give up that control, even in the face of truth. The only truth that really matters is the truth that you believe is imparted to you by God's hand.
  17. Amen! (y)
  18. Hey Nelo, prayer is worship. God says to worship Him alone. No one can pray to those who have gone on to Heaven; they are not God, they cannot hear you; they are with God anyway. There is no Scripture where a Believer prays to a dead person or talks with them. Do not entertain such things, they are a gateway for the Devil to get into your life and establish a stronghold. If they were a Believer, you will be able to hang out with them in Heaven.

    As for visiting a tomb, Jesus said His reason for going to see Lazarus was to take the opportunity for God to get glory. Once there he was moved in His Spirit, but that was not His reason for going - it was to raise Lazarus; not visit someone who died. With the 2 Marys that went to visit Jesus, it is written, Mark 16:1 "And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him."

    SO the 2 Marys came to ANOINT Him, not to go speak to Him or mourn Him.

    So there is no Scriptural precedent for it and it is a waste of time, because the person is not there. The Bible says we are each a spirit with a soul (mind, will and emotions) that lives in a body. Once the spirit leaves the body, the body dies. Visiting a body avails you nothing and opens a door for the spirit of grief to seize you and get inside you. It is not of God. Rather let God comfort you and guard yourself against a spirit of grief. Grief will destroy you if you let it in. Just refuse it like you would refuse a plate of toxic waste.
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  19. TheCurseOfTheRodain has some good points, and I partially agree; however it has been my experience that all feelings must be expressed for them to be relieved. I believe that the same goes for grief and loneliness; visiting the grave of a loved one is a great way to express those emotions for many people. I definitely agree that little good can come from praying to the dead, and I definitely believe that it can be used against you by the powers of darkness.

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