Hello. I have a question.

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  1. Hello. I have a question.

    Hello, I would like to ask a question regarding my faith. I was raised as a Christian by Christian parents. Both of my parents are Christians, and we attend church every Sunday of the week. I on the other hand, follow Buddhism. But I truly believe there's a God. I hope when answering my question, you have a good understanding of Buddhism. I want to clear any misunderstandings, Buddhists don't consider Buddha a god. Buddhists can also choose to believe in the Christian god, or any god for that matter. I was once raised in a strict Christian family where my grandmother would always take me to church everyday of the week. Question is, what I'm doing, does it upset god? I follow Buddhism to better myself mentally, but I believe in god. I go to church, and thank god. I try to pray every night, though I find it hard to constantly keep up with God with barely any Christian friends. Anyway, I would appreciate some answers!

    Thank you!

  2. Are you saved?
  3. Buddhism at its fullest does not align with christianity at its fullest.
    Buddhism is about fulfillment of self, by self, for the glorification of self(nirvana). Christianity is about fulfillment self, by God, for the glorification of God. Buddhism says you can remove yourself from sin by training your mind. Christianity says we are born into sin and can only be removed from sin by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, not by any training or thought processes or any other works done by our hands.
    If you are intermingling the two, you are trying to serve two very different masters. In order to do so, you must compromise and select which aspects of each you choose to believe and which one you will not believe. While Buddhism may teach that each man must find his own path to enlightenment, it says this in a way that implies that that statement is true. Right? Even the idea that truth is relative and not absolute is either a true or false statement, right? Well, Jesus christ said that He is the way, the truth, and the life. that no man shall enter unto the Father but by Him. He lays out the path right there that ALL men must follow. Can they both be true at the same time?
  4. You say you're a Buddhist to "Better yourself mentally".

    The best way to better yourself mentally is to not believe in fairy tales and just express doubt for all religions.
  5. Buddisim and all other religions has to be on own effort. I must do this and must do that, otherwise, the god will get angry. Christianity is all about Him (Jesus) and its done. Every single problem that man faces has been nailed on the cross. All we need to ask is from Him to resolve our problem etc etc and hence he gets the glory. Its all about Him and never about ourself. That's the difference.
  6. Hmm. I think that this is a question I, as a human, cannot answer for you. I would suggest asking God, asking Him to give you the answer to the question, in whatever way will teach you best. :)

    I am glad you are making an effort to bring yourself closer to God. I hope you receive your answer(s) and I apologize I was not of greater assistance. :)
  7. You don't need Buddhism to better yourself mentally. God can do that. I agree with the others: you're serving two masters, and the Bible is clear that you can't do that.

    God can meet all your needs. Trust in Him. Give yourself over to Him completely.

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