Hello. I am The Barrd.

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  1. I am The Barrd.
    Teller of tales
    Singer of songs
    Poet, I be

    I am the Lord's humble servant.

    The double r tis from me sainted muther's side. She were Welsh, doan ye know. She were from down by the sea.

    Okay, so my accent is a little rusty. Seriously, though, it should be 'Bardd', with a double d...
    I just like the way the double r sounds when you roll it off your tongue...:whistle:
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  2. Welcome to CFS, Barrd! (Rolling me "R's"!---sounding like a pirate!)

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  3. Welcome! I look forward to hearing some tales!
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  4. I love the picture!

    Thank you for the warm welcome.
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    Aye, an' fain would I spin ye a yarn, laddie, that I would. An' what sort o' tale would ye have?
    At yer service, me boyo. An' where should I post yer tales, pray tell?

    P.S. Thanks for the welcome. I am happy to be here...
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  6. Welcome :D
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  7. Thank you, Abdicate. I do believe I'm going to like it here.

    Now, that is an interesting name...'Abdicate'...
    How did you happen to choose such an unusual handle?

    Not meaning to be rude...it's my writer's curiosity that is asking you...
  8. Not a problem. It's a reminder for myself to always surrender the throne of my life to the real King. :)
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  9. What a lovely thought!
    Why, it's practically poetic...(y)
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  10. Welcome! Blessings of grace and peace be to ya :)
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  11. Thank you for your warm and definitely friendly welcome!
    I am happy to be here.
  12. Thank you, Churtle. I love your screen name! Sounds like something our of Dr. Suess.

    Hey...maybe I could work it into a poem for you.

    Churtle the Turtle, oh, how he loved God
    Though all of his friends thought him terribly odd...

    LOL, well, maybe not...
  13. A hearty welcome be to yeh, The Barrd! :)
    God bless your time here.
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  14. Aye, me lassie, an' I thanks ye, I do, from me heart. I dinnae ken when I have felt more welcome. An' may God also bless ye, lass, with all the blessin's ye an yer kith an' kin may hold...
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  15. Welcome to CFS,

    We're glad to see you here. I'm sure you'll settle in quickly, but before you go ahead with full involvement within these forums, please read the information within the following two links; these will help you with your account, the rules etc.



    Should you have any questions, please ask any staff member who would be happy to assist.
  16. Thank you, Fish. I am settling in, as you put it, and I think I'm going to be very happy here.
    I have read the rules...and I like like that this site discourages debate. This site seems to be more about fellowship, which is what I've been looking for. (I already know what I believe, and since I'm always right, there's no point in debate :p)

    I only have one question. It is not against the rules to post my writing, I hope?
  17. My pleasure, I have read your bio and I understand you are an author...I would recommend that you post one thread in the following forum:

    If you post large amounts of thread advertising your products, books etc, the staff will simply remove them.
    Your books is on sale at safe sources I assume? I know Amazon is one of the stores.

    The text in pink above is absolutely fine.

    We are about fellowship and the staff here ensure this by being a little strict and vetting every member to weed out spam.

    We are also here for YOU; any questions please ask, that is what we are here for.
  18. Yes, I have quite a few things for sale at Amazon, under Deborah Anne Barrd. I think Barnes and Noble has picked me up as well.
    The text in pink? You must mean the little couplet I use as my signature. Yes, that is mine, as well.

    Thank you for moving my thread to it's appropriate home. I did not see that category yesterday....sorry.

    Do you think that staff is strict here? I hope I will be able to behave myself. I am a bit of a maverick...
    But I do love the Lord, Jesus Christ...and I do strive to keep His commandments.

    Anyhow, I am happy to know that I may ask questions. I intend to take you up on that offer...
  19. Yertle the turtle was an 8 track tape that my dad had when we were little, and yes the rest now a days is true. My old friends do think me odd suppose and i do so passionately love God.

    Blessings to ya
  20. My son loved Yertle when he was little. He had me read it to him every day.

    My kid brother had a thing for The Zax. I used to read it to him to keep him from annoying our mother before she had finished her morning coffee...not a good idea! To this day, I can recite the thing from memory!

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