Hello - I am Ruth... Fellowship?

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Ruthie79, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Hello - I am Ruth... Fellowship?

    Hi ya'll!

    My name is Ruth... I disliked having such an "old fashioned" name growing up, but love it now that I've returned to my faith.

    I spent most of my teen years and early 20's a very lost soul, somehow always searching but never finding what I wanted. After my first child was born, I realized maybe it wasn't so much about what I wanted, but what was right, good and simple.

    I'm married to a military man. We moved last year and I've yet to meet too many like minded Christian folks where I live. I'm hoping to find some fellowship here. My son just started Kindergarden, so perhaps I'll meet some local parents through that.

    I saw this video today, it made me weep... I'm so proud of what my husband does, and so scared as well.

    But I thought I'd share it as my introductory "gift" to the comminuty.


    My apologies if you've already seen it.

    I've lurked for a little while, and look forward to really "getting to know" everyone.


  2. Very welcome to you, Ruth! I will put your family on my prayerlist. I like your name! Very strong (strong in her conviction to follow God) woman in the Bible. Nice to meet you!
  3. Such a sad but beautiful video~
    Thank you for sharing, Ruth, and Welcome!

  4. Hello, Ruthie!

    You are welcome!

    God bless you!

  5. Welcome to CFS, Ruth. I hope you enjoy the fellowship here. :) Say hello to the military man, will ya. God bless you. :D
  6. Hi Ruthie. that was very moving, thanks and welcome to CFS!
  7. Hi Ruth,
    Lovely that you have decided to join us.
  8. Welcome Ruth. I always loved that story, a story of faithfulness and great reward, she was great-grandmother to a king.
  9. I also cried Ruthie

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