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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by david161099, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone! I signed up here in 2007, but never really stuck around.

    The problem is that politically I am a leftist, and I have been so disgusted with how Christianity has been hi-jacked by right wing politicians.

    I left Christianity. But I've been having a difficult time. You see, I cannot solve my problems myself. I cannot achieve things in this life...without the God I know and love.

    I know it's sounds strange but the recent mass murder in Norway by a Right Wing Christian has changed my mind and heart.

    I realise, I cannot walk away from a religion because these hate mongers have corrupted it. I need to be brave and say I am a Christian and a leftist.

    Jesus, doesn't want mass murders. Jesus doesn't want people divided by politics of hate.

    I prayed this morning, as I was in a deep depression. God came and allowed me 4-5 hours of the deepest sleep I've had in months. There is no physical reason I slept so deep. I believe it was God working his healing.

    I've opened my Bible and have randomly been reading the words of Saint Paul. It was like reading 'love', if that makes sense. His words in those letters really speak to the heart of Christ's teaching - that is beyond politics!!

    There are no politics in heaven, just us all as brothers and sisters.

    I hope you guys understand.
  2. Welcome home david. We been waitin 4 ya Hehehehe. Glad you changed your mind and recommitted your life to Jesus. HE all ways welcomes you back and so do we. Woohooooooo!!!!

    Chili out
  3. Thanks Chili! Love your avatar!

    God Bless!
  4. Hey David,

    Ofcourse we understand...God is forgiving, just and kind...He is always waiting to hear from us and receive us into his care. Im glad you've re-dedicated your self to Christ again. Welcome back!

    Btw which part of Melbourne u living in?? Im around the SE subs....

  5. Welcome back!
  6. Jake, I'm in Blackburn :) Thanks for Welcome
    Thanks for welcome xspinningisfun!
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  7. One's faith should shape their politics, rather than the other way around. But whatever one's politics, to be found in Christ is the best place to be:). Welcome back, David.
  8. Hey David! Glad to have you back here on the forums but mostly back in the family ;)
    Praying for you
  9. I Agree. The teachings of the lord made me vote left of politics.
  10. Thank you :)
  11. I know exactly what you are talking about. I, too, hated how christianity was portrayed just like my favorite author, Ann Rice, whom came back to God. I told myself that I'm a believer, not a christian much like Ann Rice also said on her website. In my rebellion in refusing christianity, God taught me how a Christian should behave and act in Matthew. He taught me Jesus is Christian as well as a Jew, and that there is a reason why his name Christ is in Christianity. I'm still learning about Christianity, I'm in book 1 Timothy and it's still being taught probably all the way through to Revelations. :)

    Welcome back to Christianity!
    Psst! I capitalized Christianity as a means of saying True Christian.:p
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  12. Thank you Christine! I'm glad you understand me!! :) I like Anne Rice too, but I've only read 'Interview'.
  13. That's not too far off from me :D...Your welcome, hope you enjoy the site

  14. Greetings in the name of Jesus::)

    If I may comment on the " right wing Christian" from Norway accusation....This mass murderer is not Christian, nor is their evidence of this, this accusation is absolutely false, if one investigates. But evidence he is a Leftists; who parrots the Uni bomber of the U.S. This is established and true.

    It is true, that Christian denomination have been Hi Jacked by Right and left wing Groups. But this is the evil of man using Christianity, not Gods universal base truth...

    I also welcome you to forum...

    I pray my words do not offend, God bless all Christians in forum, and all those who use it.:)
  15. Welcome back. I'm a banana bender myself but that's just geography :)

    As I often say to people you cannot judge Christ by those who do not follow and obey the word and command of Christ.

    That Christ refused to lose you to the world is yet another reason to praise Him and love Him.

    Looking forward to having your input on the forums.

    Regards Misty
  16. Welcome brother,,
    yes God is ready to help you,, His doors always open for us
    We will pray for you.. gby

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