Hello, I am Dr. Johnson Cherian

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  1. Hello, I am Dr. Johnson Cherian

    Hello, I am Dr. Johnson Cherian from Kerala, South India. I am a Medical Practitioner (M.D. in General Medicine) and a Christian Author, Poet & Evangelist (PhD in Biblical Studies). God Bless You.

    You can visit some of my websites listed below to see my works.
  2. hello Dr. Johnson :-D ,
    Welcome to CFS! i hope you find this forum encouraging.

    btw i noticed you have a lot of biblical knowledge. its good you're doing a lot for God through the internet. O:)

    pm me when you need help.

    God bless you
  3. Welcome to the forums! It's nice to meet you!

    I write poems too. I've also started on short stories, but they're not quite finished yet.

    Sounds like you're doing a lot for God. That's awesome! May God bless your ministries!

    In Christ,

  4. Thanks

    Thank you friends for your kindness. God bless you both and everyone seeking the Truth through this Forum.
  5. welcome fellow cousin. I am a Muslim and if you like to debate then please do so

    enjoy your stay
  6. Welcome Dr Johnson!

    What a ministry you must have as a doctor and a believer in Jesus in India! May God bless you greatly as you serve Him!
  7. Welcome

    Dr. Johnson,

    Welcome to the Christian Forum Site. If you have children at home I invite you to join us in the Family and Parenting site!

    God bless,

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