Hello, I am a new member:)

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  1. Hi, everyone. God bless you in the christ.
    I am happy to be here and meet new people from different countries.
    I am happy if I meet the one who truly love Jesus.

    I am a pastor and a missionary spreading the Gospel over the world through the internet.

    Look at the next comment:)
    As a loyal servant of Jesus Christ, We had made a lot of effort making this video over a year
    by the command of Jesus Christ.
    It has everything that Jesus wants to speak to the world.
    I love you all in Christ. If you want to have a deep love relationship with the Lord,
    please come to my profile and visit my site :) I welcome anyone who love Jesus.

  2. Please click and watch this video that contains God's message :)
  3. I and welcome. I guess my main concern with your intro is your claim that to have a deep love relationship with the Lord we have to come to your site? And why not welcome those that don't love Jesus as well since you are a missionary? Maybe I'm reading into this a bit much?

    Isaiah 18:3 says all of us will hear this trumpet. I didn't hear the trumpet sound where I was at so I can't hold to your truth that this is what the Bible is talking about.
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    Thank you ^^ I will read the rule and try to keep it. ^^
  5. Yes, I was thinking the same thing for a moment there.
    No matter where we are Jesus loves us and will have a strong relationship with us.

    Oh, by the way welcome to this site, I hope you enjoy the content.

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