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Hello, Hi, How are you?

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Wisdom Seeker, May 10, 2008.

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  1. Hello, Hi, How are you?

    Hi there and Hello,

    I'm a member of another Christian Forum that is sometimes off line and so, when I typed in their name into Google, I saw this site. The thing that grabbed me was the word "friendly". ... All for that, :amen: ?

    Anyway, I thought I would introduce myself, before posting. Hello, My name is Wisdom Seeker. I'm a old Christian, a Mom of 3 (ages 16, 13 & 9), and a happily married wife of 1 really good man. :D

    I look forward to getting to know you.

    God bless! :) (btw, I like your smiley selection. :) )
  2. So...off to read the FAQ's etc. . :cool:
  3. Thank you both for welcoming me. :groupray:

    But, would you believe it? I actually read that thread before I posted here. ;)
  4. Then you are our kind of person. Welcome again. If you ever need help just ask.
  5. Thank you so much. I will do that. Thank you. :)
  6. That thread is so popular and useful that we keep posting it everywhere. :D Welcome to CFS by the way!
  7. :)

    Thank you, thank you very much. :D
  8. Okay well, I would love to stick around and figure out all the nuances of this place. But, it's my husbands night to cook. (I get Saturday nights off. Love that man!) So, I had better go. Mmmmm Barbecue chicken tonight. :D

    Bye for now.

    Have a wonderful evening all.

    And thanks again for your warm welcome.
  9. Just had some curry I made myself. Have a good night. ;)
  10. Have you ever seen the commercial with the Mom and the little girl with pigtails sitting in a shopping cart, at the grocery store, doing their shopping? The Mom says "Need waffles" and the little girl says "I don't think I like waffles." ... Picture me as that little girl saying "I don't think I like curry. ;)

    Never enough time to post to this site. Such a busy life I have. :israel:
  11. Thank you Fluffy. That's very pretty. :eek:
  12. Hi and welcome!
    Nice to meet you!
  13. Thank you very much. :)
  14. Hello and welcome
  15. Hello and thank you. :)
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