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  1. olive tree wood .. hand crafted leading

    online store that specialize in souvineers and gifts that comes from the holy land of Bethlehem .. www.cityofnativity.com

    please visit us
    all gifts made by olive tree wood in bethlehem

    God bless you all
  2. Are you really there!? WOW I wish I could visit 1 day or the rest of my life :)
    Chili out
  3. Welcome to the board, rizik!
    Hope you stick around :]
  4. JG27 yeah my friend Iam from the place where my and our lord born
    I wish u will visit us soon
    Krystal thank you ..
    God bless you all
  5. <duplicate post removed> -Jeff
  6. Eh, I guess you're forgiven :p
  7. Hi there! Welcome to CFS!
  8. Welcome. Keep us posted on this wonderful birthplace of Jesus (for His earthly ministry). I am so grateful for our Jewish heritage and pray for peace in Jerusalem often. God bless.
  9. oh wow i wanna visit there

    we all should visit there lol :D

    welcome to the forum :)

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