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  1. Hello from a hot and wind east coast, hopping I have final found a home where I can find friends that believe the way I do.
  2. Hello quietbird,

    I am glad you are here. I love birds too by the way. There are the doves that come to my home everyday.
  3. Hi Quietbird welcome to CFS and a whole bunch of believers in Christ. I think you will like it here. Hope to hear more from you :D:cool:

    Jump right in and do some posting. God Bless you

    Chili out.
  4. Thanks for your welcome Olivia and Chili. Olivia maybe we can discuss birds some time, have a long of different one's that visit my garden.
  5. Hi Quietbird,

    I'd love to hear about your birds. I have a lot of stories about mine as well? That is a beautiful bird you have in the picture. Is that one of the birds that comes to your garden?
  6. Welcome Quietbird! I'm glad you found us. I have only been on this forum just over a week and I must say, it is truly a breath of fresh air. I hope you will feel the same!
  7. Welcome! Is the bird in your avatar a native bird to your area? It looks beautiful! Anyway, welcome to the forums fellow believer in Christ! :)
  8. Thanks for your welcome all. My avatar is a picture of a bird called a Roller. But not native to my country, but to countries just above us.
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  9. This bird is native to my country. It is called a Malachite Kingfisher, it is the second smallest kingfisher here. Only 13- 14 cm long.
    The smallest is the African Pigmy Kingfisher about 12-13cm long.
  10. It's a beautiful kingfisher! I love its red and blue plumage! :)
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  12. Hi quietbird,

    From the two pictures that you have had up, I can see that you get very beautiful colorful birds. Your garden must be amazing filled with the colors and sounds from all the different species.

    I really love colorful birds. God made so many beautiful types. My love for the birds at my house, however, is because of their personalities. It all started one day when I had a tall rack outside my kitchen window about two inches from the wall. A beautiful dove landed on it right in front of me and while looking at me jumped up and landed back on the rack. He did this about thirty times. I knew this had to be from God because the odd behavior, the fact that the bird did not hit the window even though only two inches from it, and because the bird did it so many times. The bird would then come back daily and do different things. Like one day he was teaching another dove how to move in the limited space and God would talk to me relating things the dove did to my own life. I named the dove Happy and his wife Mrs. Loving Dove.

    God then proceeded to add other birds to his stories to me: sparrows, another type of dove, pigeons and crows. The sparrows represented the children of God, the doves the Spirit and life of God, and the crows evil. For example, one day he was talking to me in the house about good and evil and he told me to look out the door. Across the way on another rooftop were many pigeons lined up (not moving around as pigeons do) and if front of the were two pigeons fighting.

    The crows would come and try to knock Happy off the pole by my house. Also, Happy had a special small tree that he would sit on that he would call to me from every morning and I would go out and sing to him. All the birds knew this. When I would sing the sparrows would come and the other type of doves. The crows didn't like this and often would try to knock Happy off. One day I went outside and this small tree was covered with about 30 crows. What was weird is that some were holding onto branches and were actually sideways. It was very surreal. After that the tree fell (probably because of the weight of the too many crows), but Happy would call me from the pole that was next to the tree. Many other things happened (like the birds would gather round on my fence and I would sing to them), but one day God said that the story was over. This was disappointing, but I knew that God had taught me a lot through the birds and it gave me a small glimpse of how amazing it will be for the believer when they are always with God and his astounding creativity and love.

    I still see Happy and Mrs. Loving Dove everyday (he often will come to me when I call or at least speak to me if he is nearby), but it is not like the miraculous stories God would tell me. Still Happy does some special things still. For instance, he flies low over my head to show his love and he still flies straight up when he is real happy (rather than sideways like most birds).
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  13. That is such a beautiful story Olivia because i believe we get messages from our Lord in different ways and you are blessed to have such wonderful doves to come to you ... as a child i remember one night was so special to me, i was in my aunt's house and was sitting, it was a summer day and from the window a single white butterfly came in and after a few turns came and landed on my chest, it seemed as if resting on my heart... my aunt said that it is a sign of God and it is good to those the butterfly landed on... i just stood there and looked at it while this beautiful white butterfly rested on my chest. i absolutely love stories like this and to hear from others theirs ...
  14. Hi Rosa,

    I am glad that you are able to see beauty. When we walk in faith in God's Spirit we are able to see the beauty upon beauty that God gives us every moment. I am glad that you saw God's beauty in the white butterfly. Keep spreading his wonder!
  15. Lovely story Olivia, lots of people forget that God uses his creation in many ways. They always expect miracles to be these big events that have nothing to do with His creation. But like your story God uses a simple bird to be a messager of hope and joy.
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  16. Hello there, welcome and the grace (favor) of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you!

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