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  1. Hello from Pittsburgh! I'm Ken, 33 year old, Husband and Father of 1 (will be a father of 2 any day now) Part of a wonderful small Baptist Church. On the Church Growth Committee and a Trustee. I've taken a few classes at the Local seminary, just to further my knowledge, an in depth study of the Gospels and an Apologetics class. I would still consider my Biblical knowledge at Novice level, and that's why i'm here, to fellowship, engage in new and interesting discussions and learn! Cant wait to meet all of you!

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  2. Hi Ken welcome to CFS. We got a bunch of pretty good folks here that I know you will like. Glad to have you aboard my brother from another mother :)
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  3. Welcome Ken!! :D
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  4. Hello and welcome Ken. Feel free to post. Don't shy at all!
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  5. Hello and welcome to the forums.
    Good to have you here.
  6. Welcome Ken to CFS
    With the new arrival unto your family I bet your kind of really busy and I hope you will stop by and give us an update and get to know one another.

    Congratulations and God Bless

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