Hello from Germany

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Cross, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Hello from Germany

    I am an American living in Germany.

    Hello to all!
  2. Welcome, Cross. We look forward to getting to know you. I'm sure we have an empty room just down the hall. Set your luggage down and join us in the fellowship hall. The others will be along shortly.
  3. Why thank you kind sir, I will do just that. :)
  4. WELCOME!!!
    please enjoy and GOD BLESS!!!
  5. Hey cross, where in Germany do you live? :)
  6. In Hessen, near Darmstadt.
  7. Hello, cross!
    Welcome to the forum!

  8. I used to live not far from Darmstadt, in fact I bought my bicycle there that I still ride. Welcome to our forum.
  9. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. :)
  10. Dear Sir,

    Welcome to the site. I assume you are military - since most of the US forces stationed in Germany are in that area. If so are you at Wiesbaden-Erbenheim? Just curious.

    Been to Dusseldorf/Essen a few years back. Got to visit Koln and the Cathedral there.

    Hope to see you on the board soon.

  11. No not military. I met my wife in the States while she was visiting her sister who lives there. We got married in Germany in 1992 and I've been here ever since. We have three kids...Joshua 14, Cathy 12, Ben 10. I also did long term contract work for the European Space Agency and Lufthansa, then worked several years for Deutsche Telekom. Now I have my own PC shop on the side and I build networks for schools in Darmstadt county.
  12. What aN adventure! - thanks for the response. Hows your German coming? Did you speak it before you met your wife?

  13. Learned German here. I speak it fluently. :)
  14. Really? I learned German from my auto mechanic. So I speak the bad words fluently. Otherwise, I don't know much German at all.

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