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  1. Hi,

    I was encouraged to post a "hello thread" and introduce myself, so here I am! :) I'm from Denmark, and I was an exchange student in SC, USA last year. Honestly, I didn't believe in God or anything before I left Denmark, and in 7th grade when we were offered to confirm our belief in God (called "konfirmation" in Denmark and is a Danish tradition), I said no. Why? Because I wasn't sure yet. Now I am, but I still have tons (and I mean, TONS!) of question that I have no one to answer as the majority of Denmark is non-religious.

    I don't know if I should post my questions and wonderings separately, but I'm wondering what I should do if my family, friends and boyfriend don't believe in God AT ALL. Does God still love people even if they don't believe in him and say things that in my opinion are disrespectful? And is it true that God doesn't like people who are homosexuals? I'm just wondering because I thought he loved everyone and I must admit that I don't agree with it at all. And I don't know if that's okay. I just think we should love everyone regardless of skin color, sex, sexual orientation, political views etc. I don't see why that should separate us and why homosexuality is a sin.

    I'm also wondering about everything in regard to evolution. It says in my handbook that I got in America that human-beings did not evolve from some primitive life form. And I'm also wondering about dinosaurs, because I think the bible says that the earth is like 6000 years old, but that doesn't agree with the skeletons of dinosaurs that has been found. It's like science does not agree with religion, and I would like to find a way to MAKE it :) I don't go to church anymore either (I did in the US. I went to youth group every Monday and sometimes at Sundays too), because I don't like the churches in Denmark at all. They are SOOO different from the churches in the US, and I don't enjoy spending time there at all. Does that make me a bad Christian??

    I hope I didn't post this in the wrong place and that you won't consider my questions disrespectful, because that it not my intention at all. I'm just confused and curious. I hope it's okay.
  2. I think I'll just post this in the general discussions section and then let this be a "hello" thread. Where are y'all from? :)
  3. Welcome! I will post my response in the general area.
  4. Awesome! I am from Finland. :3 I had the confirmation last sunday by the way. :3

    But welcome to this site. :3
  5. Welcome... I currently live in Belgium for work (and I don't speak Flemish or French or Dutch) but I do understand what you mean about the religious life style here in Europe.
  6. "y'all"...that sounds like your from Tennessee!...welcome to the forum...:)
  7. Oh boy
  8. @Mitspa. Do you sit on a porch with suspenders on and a straw hat sipping on ice tea?

  9. LOL
  10. Welcome, Frederikke!

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  11. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you on board...Thankyou for the little intro xD

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