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  1. Hello, I am a young man from Alaska, currently doing water rescue training. I have lived in alaska my entire life, and my relationship with the lord continues to grow everyday. I have a great interest in evangelism, and mission work, and the lord has opened doors for both of those recently.

    I enjoy the outdoors, that's what the Lord put in my heart. I can't be inside for long, there is always an adventure to go on, a project to do or a mountain to climb. I am not enrolled in any college at the moment and am not actively perusing any, however, God may open opportunities in that area.

  2. Hello from Scotland, it's nice to meet you, you'll have good fun and fellowship here in CFS...
  3. There certainly seems to be members from all across the globe here :p
  4. There is, we've been on here for some months now, been a little quiet lately due to the Christmas period but there are many great Christians here on CFS and we've always been blessed fellowshipping here. I hope you experience the same...
  5. Just by reading, I feel like this will present great discussion. I have my church family, but it's good to have a larger communication basis.
  6. I agree, we actually Pastor within our local church here in Elgin and I really enjoy being here...like you said, it's nice to speak international, keeps the mind open and not narrow, easily done in a small city...
  7. A warm welcome here.
  8. These forums are global; its great to mix with other Christians from around the world. ;)
  9. Hi, and welcome! I just watched a show called Alaska Bush People, very interesting. I would love to live out there some day.
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  10. That alaskan bush people show is pretty fake lol, as much of the alaska shows are. The people are real, but all the troubles they go through are set up by the producers. I will admit though, I'll even watch them for a good laugh :LOL:
  11. I like to watch to see the landscape. Very beautiful out there!
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  12. Welcome to CFS. I'm from Quebec, Canada, but we're all citizens of Christ's kingdom, as can be read in 1 Peter.
    My daughter spent some time in Yukon and Alaska. She made a friend there whom we invited at home at Christmas two years ago.
    God bless you in what you do for Him.
  13. Hi klub, welcome aboard! Many blessings to you! And may the Lord richly bless all that He leads you to be apart of!

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