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  1. hmmmm,..... I don't think friendly said he (being an elderly married man) actually had any questions.

    Haha, I'm actually in my late-20s, married and female, but I can understand why that'd be your default (that's how my brain works too). And I didn't say in particular that I had any questions, but I don't mind people offering for future reference. :)

    As to the other questions: I was raised Christian (Catholic, though I did attend some Baptist youth groups when I was younger as my friends were involved n them). I've read the Bible in it's entirety on my own, though I admit it's been a few years now.

    What if God sent the prophets to warn us? Ok, forgetting the prophets, what about if He left us a book or Bible that explained everything for us? Or what if God sent someone back from the dead to tell us? Would you believe then?

    It's possible, but those are a lot of "what ifs". I'm trying not to be offensive, because I can appreciate that you obviously believe the Bible is the word of God, but, to me, just because it says it is the word of God doesn't make me believe that it is. It's the foundation for the rest of Christian belief and I find it totally unconvincing or moving (again, sorry, because I know you do). I haven't gone through it with a fine toothed comb to try and interpret and resolve everything that is there, but I haven't done that with the Qu'ran, either (actually, I've never read the Qu'ran, which is a shame because I'd like to).

    If being raised Christian, attending masses of different denominations, praying for faith (when I believed) and reading the Bible on my own wasn't enough to make me feel that it was valid and the only way to live my life, I don't know why I should try harder to feel that way.
  2. Friendly, We have a lot in common! Same forum default (elderly married man) we were both raised Catholic (no longer RC) You would like to read the koran - I have!!!! or part of it under the guidance of a few muslim men.
  3. Never met a curious person who didn't have a question (whether or not they actually ask it):).

    Just offering a friendly invite to ask away any time.
  4. Hi again Friendly. A little curiosity of my own if that is OK. What do you make of the scientifically proven reality that the Prophets and Apostles of the Lord were able to accurately record the future history of the world, often by many centuries? It IS a proven fact of the reality we live in. Just wondering how you account for it.

    I was raised Anglican (then Church of England) and that was probably one of the reasons I became an Atheist in my early years as I find "orthodox" churches seem to be the least Biblically based and most ritual and tradition bound of the mainstream denominations. Sadly most of orthodoxy seems to have little to do with following Christ and most to do with maintaining its own church authority and power. If you are Ex RC I can appreciate why you will have had difficulty with their version of "Christianity", I certainly do.

    But Orthodoxy bears little resemblence to the early Apostolic churches they forcibly replaced by way of the Crusades, etc. However when we extract the actual words of the Bible from out of all the centuries of encrusted "orthodox" traditions and teachings what we find is that the very reality we live in bears witness to the truth of the Bible itself and the reality of the Lord. Hence my question of what you make of the physical existence of a book in the reality we live in, that accurately, and in great detail foretells world history centuries before it happens?
  5. Welcome Friendly! Hope you find the answers you are searching for. I am not very good at debating like the others mentioned. Mostly because I am a pretty passive personality but if there is ever anything I can try to answer for you or help you with just shoot me an email or pm. Enjoy your stay here, I am sure the staff and members will make you feel right at home.
  6. your name should be curiousatheist haha kidding

    i was an atheist haha yes science and all that, but im still into science right now

    welcome brother!

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