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  1. My name is Brian. I am a Youtube content creator who has been working on a Bible Study series and am looking for avenues to get this series out so Christians can watch them. I make no money on these videos; they aren't monetized, I make them because I want to further the Kingdom of God.
  2. Welcome to CFS skyttyl
    I would encourage you to review the forum policies and rules in order that you have a pleasant experience here at cfs.
    Glad to see you
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  3. @skyttyl
    Hi again,
    Just wanted to give you a heads up and ask you to contact @Deep Soul or @Pastor Gary about promoting the videos and such. I don't see a problem but they have guidelines and procedures thus keeping out spam and those looking for free advertising.

    You can PM either
    This way you are protected as well and have no problems.
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  4. Welcome! Blessings
  5. Welcome to the forums.
  6. Welcome!! :D

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