Hello Everyone!!!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by GsusFrk, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Hello Everyone!!!

    I'm excited, this is my first Christian forum!! The only other forum I've ever been on is a Motorcycle forum (cbrforum.com) I've notice I spend more time thinking about useless things, instead of heavenly things. I hope to be encouraged and to be an encouragement.

    I wrote a lot about myself in the registration process, so hopefully you can learn more about me from there.

    I'm married to my wonderful wife Angel, and we have 3 boys, Michael age 5, Samuel age 3, Joshua age 1 and my wife is pregnant with twin girls. I'm in the military (here is a fun Music video I had a small part in.)

    I'm in the process of trying to be a Navy Chaplain. I like playing Christian Music on my guitar (Jeremy Camp, Big Daddy Weave, Newsboys, Kutless, and other praise and worship songs). I grew up listening to hip hop, and have seen a lot of Great Christian hip hop (Cross Movement, KJ-52, Ambassador, Toby Mac, Phanatic). I also enjoy riding my motorcycle, a 2004 CBR F4i (for the curious motorcycle riders).

    I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone.
    Marvin aka GsusFrk
  2. G, I am so happy you are here!
    I'll check out your video.
    I am sure your wife is pretty tired and busy but maybe she would be interested in joining too?
    :) :eek: :)
  3. Maybe one day, she is part of a twins forum right now. They encourage her a lot and she likes talking with people who understand what she is physically going through. She'll probably have some input through me anyways because we like to talk about stuff together, so I share with her the stuff I read about, especially when we talk about God.

    I'll let her know you made the invite though;)
  4. I know sometimes husbands and wives like their own forum:)

    I talk to my husband about verything here because he doesn't belong;
    meaning he hasn't joined:)
  5. Oh, PS~
    Great video....where are you?
  6. Hi Marvin, I love playing and listening to Christian music too. :D I wish I knew how to play the guitar. Its my favorite instrument.

    Btw, welcome to the CFS. Hope you really enjoy it here. :welcome::guitar:
  7. Funny that you should ask. While I was on the USS Nimitz we held an easter service on the flight deck. I led the praise and worship time that morning then the chaplains did a part where they placed the cross on it's stand. The Chaplains I worked with were the ones holding the cross up on @ 2:29. I'm not really in the video (i should have highlighted small part:eek:)
  8. Do you play an instrument? What are some groups or artists you listen too?
  9. G, hey, you had a part that was important, just not taped!:)
  10. I just posted pictures of my family in the General Discussion part, check it out if your interested.
  11. Oops, I did but I started a new thread to you before I saw this!
  12. I used to like playing on my electronic piano at home. That was a looooong time ago. I also learnt a little bit of guitar. Basic chords like c,f,g etc. And as a kid I used to sing for competitions at our Church. :D

    I like mostly all music groups except for hard rock. Just haven't got used to that type for Christian music. :)
  13. I see in your profile you like the song "let my words be few" That is a great song. I have a friend from India he was teaching me some Hindi sayings. I'm not sure on the spelling but tell me if you understand.

    kiya hal ha, or New mustey. What do you think? am I close?

    we had a childrens Choir visit our church from east india. They were very good. The children is from a tribe who used to believe that if you chopped of head of someone that person would be your slave in the next life. They had an awesome testimony.
  14. Very close. Its Kya hal hei and Namaste. The first one is in Punjabi which means How are you? and the latter is in Hindi which is a way greeting people meaning welcome or hello. :D

    India still has a lot of other Gods and beliefs. The Gospel is spreading very fast though.
  15. That is great to hear, we are sponsoring a child there through Bible's for the World ministries. It is encouraging to hear the Love of Christ getting shared to people all over the world.

    I wish our Country would have some sort of revival. We seem to be caught up a lot on what plays on our TV's. The philosophies of what plays on TV is the philosophy our country is starting to take on. I wish Christians could get a hold of a TV station and sharing about how God has changed their lives, through movies, music, and other creative means.
  16. Thats very nice of you. :)

    It's happeninig everywhere. :( Thankfully the internet is not as expensive as other media. We can flood the internet with the Gospel. :D
  17. Welcome Marvin, I would first like to say thank you, to you and all the troops that put their lives on the line daily to defend our right to freedom. I lift you all up in prayer. I checked out the Video, very moving, thank you for sharing it with us. If you are able, give everyone involved a "Well Done"!
    Bless you and your family Marvin, I will be praying for your wife and the two little Angels God is about to bring into the world.

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