Hello Everyone

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by matuisgman, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Hello Everyone

    Hi. I am new here.
    You can all know me as matuisgman.
    I am basicly looking place as a sounding board.
    So, who are you.
  2. Hello and welcome to CFS .

    I hope you will find us all friendly and helpful .

    God Bless.

  3. Hi matuisgman! You have come to the right place as this is a great forum with many great people. My name is Brad and I am from Australia. I am happy to chat with you if you like. Would you like to share some more information about yourself?

    Welcome to CFS! :D
  4. hi welcome.:)
  5. Hi

    Welcome to the CFS forums...Its great to have you on board....

    Tell us a little about yourself, it would be great to know...:)

    God Bless
  6. Ok a little about myself.

    My name is Matthew (matuis is french I think), I live in NH USA, which is a state.
    I graduated from Lakes Region Community College with two assocites degrees in restaurant managment and lodging & confrence managment.

    I go regularly to my AG church and also help with kids church. (don't worry, not stuffing ideologies down throats, as long as Jesus is declared Lord and Savior I am fine) Been there about eight years, been to a CMA Church for the other years be fore that.

    I am right know trying to focus more on God, so not really having any intrests.
    I have some disabilities that make life hard at times; hearing, balance, and chemical inbalance which makes me have poor muscle development and stamina. Even with meds I am lagging behind, would like to go to a gym again.
    Got my self to blame for low motivation.

    Anywho, I would like to back to school. But I don't know what to study. Almost did, but couldn't get funding. Well I did pray that if it wasn't quite right it would fall through. Irony, God waits to the last second. Teach me to seek Him more.
    I do note when I do follow God more I want to work in the church or at least related to it. Thinking of VFCC or Zion. My pastor had me take a ministry/spritual gift personality test.

    Lets see, I still live with my parents, o joy. I have two brothers, one is married and a teacher (She is a teacher and so are both my parents) living in a town nearby, with my cute little neice. Another baby is on the way. My other brother is curently a Capt. in the Air Force, and engaged (to a teacher). I am not being a teacher, at lest not a normal teacher, kids church or such.

    Ok that was a lot actually, sorry. I like to talk about myself. Hey you asked

    I am Lady Karen & I am from Ohio. I have family in
    NH & WOW they have gotten nailed with the snow too. I am

    sure that you are sick of it where your at !!

    Well, I am sure that you will have a good time here there are
    lots of nice folks here & lots of good things to do too.

    So, like Brad has said JUMP RIGHT IN ...
    have fun we are all here to help encourage & exhort one another
    so have a good time here !! :groupray:
  8. Welcome Matthew!

    I'm from Victoria, Australia. Been a preacher for 34 years & head up Glory to the King Ministries International. I've got two adult sons and 5 grandkids, ranging in age from nearly 3 to 14. I'm also a writer - lots of articles published, mostly in Christian mags, a few poems & 1 kids' book. Currently working on a book which both God and my Associate Minister keep nagging me to finish. Also addicted to the 'puter. :)



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