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  1. Hello,
    I need to apologize. I usually am not this verbose.

    I have logged into this site a couple of times without posting just perusing and reading. Both times, the moment I logged in I felt comfortable with where I was at; unusual for me on social websites. The more time and continued communication with the site has only enhanced that.

    I have been searching for some time for a Christian site that is true to The Word and from what I see thus far fairly and regularly moderated. That is a great benefit to keeping discussions on track and beneficial for all.

    I have been a Christian since I was 18. Trust me, that has been a 'few' years ago. Over those years, more than one walk-about down the wrong path. The Lord our Savior always brings me back to Him.

    I have many blessings for which I would not have if not for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I am thankful. I look forward to chatting with you all in the near future and fellow shipping in His Glory.
  2. Hi Douglas, welcome to the site! I felt the same way when I joined, lot of good people here and much love for each other and the Lord. Hope to see you around!
    God Bless
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  3. Thank you Alicia. Welcome to you as well. I have a couple of very dear friends in North Idaho who are Nez Perce and a very close Hopi friend in Arizona. We have discussed spiritual beliefs in depth. I always find it fascinating how parallel the Native American beliefs are to Christianity even before Christianity was formally introduced to their culture.

    I look forward to chats in the future.

  4. Hi Douglas! I'm in Idaho too! (Kooskia) Nice to meet you here!
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  5. Greetings from Melbourne...Great to have you aboard...Hope you enjoy your stay here...

    God Bless
  6. [​IMG]
    Welcome Douglas!​
    I found this site after leaving another Christian forum due to there being just too much drama. It is amazing how much conflict there can be between Brothers and Sisters of the same faith. This place seems to be different and I'm praying that it will stay like that. Of course, it really depends on what types of members there are at a site, so really it has to be everybody's personal decision to follow the statement of faith and purpose of this site.​
    God bless--- I look forward to seeing you post around CFS :)
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  7. Hello all, I would like to thank all of you you have welcomed me to CFS. I don't spend a lot of time posting, but I enjoy the time I do spend when I find a worth while site. It has been a few days now and CFS still has a very welcoming spirit about it.
    God bless and look forward to seeing y'all around the site.
  8. Hi Seneca,
    Thank you. Nice meet you as well. It has been a while since I have been in Kooskia. It is a beautiful area.
    Have good Sunday evening and may God you and yours.
  9. Thank you Jake. Is that Melbourne, Australia?
  10. Yes im in Melbourne (Australia) Doughlas :)....Where abouts do you reside..?

  11. Boise, Idaho, United States - BTW, I enjoyed the sound links you provided. A washtub, broomstick, and piano wire is about the extent of my musical talents. lol
    God bless you and yours
  12. Thankyou for your kind words...Yeah i do play a lot of guitar as you've probably realized hehe... :) Nice to meet you Doughlas. Catch you around sometime..

    God Bless

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