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  1. Hi! My name is Cassie. I am a christian. I just got saved last Oct 2010. Also, I am deaf. Thank God for my interpreter also is a pastor too. God saved my life from troubles I have been through lately. Now, I've turned my life to God. He is working on me to overcome sins and tempations. My life was impossible without Jesus and God. My parents did not teach me about God and Jesus, so I had to learn about Him on my own until I was 21. I thank God for sending a wonderful pastor to me so I could finally learn a lot about Him. It is wonderful for me to meet new friends on this site. :) I would love to get to know you! I am a nice girl! I won't bite! :)
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  2. Welcome to another Christian home. Make yourself comfortable here. We are like a family to each other. :D
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  3. Thank you Jeff! I am glad to know that I am welcome to be part of this family lol I am everyone's sister. [​IMG]
  4. Welcome Cassie! May the Lord bless your interpreter richly for bringing you to Christ. Hopefully you can be the example of Christ that your family needs to see in order to come to Him too. I look forward to seeing you around the site :)
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  5. Hi Cassies, welcome! It's great to hear how God has been manifesting in your life, I'm new here too but I can tell already that this is a really great place filled with loving people. See you around!
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  6. Hey Alicia, welcome too!!! [​IMG] Thank you for a great compliment. I'd like to see you around here sometimes!
  7. Lol hello cassie, I won't bite either, I'm glad you made God your lord and savior of your life. Like you my parents really didn't teach me about the lord either... my aunt kinda did that for us, so I just thank her for her obedience to God or we wouldn't be here I guess . But welcome , and im sure your gonna have a blast here , the people are nice... the atmosphere..is....there lol and its just awesome here ^.^
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  8. Thank you Pancakes! I am glad that I am not the only one too. I am glad I chose Jesus to be my savior and my Lord on my own choice. I am glad I am able to save my parents and my entire family to be saved. I know God promised. Oh yes I agree with you. It seems very warming in here. [​IMG]
  9. yup yup lol, well Im still working on my parents... so, i gotta keep trying.
  10. Welcome Cassie, we are ever so glad to have you here with us as part of G-d's family; may you be blessed in your walk with Yeshua as you read the messages and testimonies presented here. Ps. I also speak the ASL. G-d bless!

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  11. Hey Cassie :)
    I minored in American Sign Language at my other college :)
    That's so awesome that your interpreter is a Christian who led you to Christ!

    I hope you honestly enjoy it here!
    Take care!

    Feel free to PM me or any of the other staff if you have questions!
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  12. Hey Cassie, welcome to the forums :0

    Great to have you on board!!

  13. WOOOOO Hoooooo!!! God is gooooood aint HE!? Welcome to CFS Wooooo Hooooooo!!! heheheehhahahehehaha yesssss

    Chili out

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