Hello Brethern, and dear Sisters

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  1. Hello Brethern, and dear Sisters

    Greetings and Grace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Travis A.K.A soldier of Christ and it is my first day here and i would just like to say hello:) also i am going to post some scriptural stuff here for you guys to enjoy so enjoy :) the lesson i would like to post is something me and of course by guidance of His Holy Spirit wrote called the Believers two natures. Lets us Pray Thank you Father for the breath of life today for our needs you so graciously provide and reminding me when two or more are gathered in your name you are there in the midst. Lord i continue to pray for haiti as i am still burdened for the lost sick and lonely, be with them Lord carry there spirits and as our church sends over missionary's may there be great success Thank you Father Thank you Son thank You HOLY GHOST in Jesus name AMEN.

    today i want to share with you a sermon called the Believers two natures, Ok everyone please grab your favirote bible rather it be an online bible study bibl etc as we are going to need it:)
    i also am going to be using the word regenerate quite a bit it simply means born again k so keep that in mind:) The Scriptures teach that every regenerate person is the possesor of two natures: one recieved by natural birth, which is in whole hopelessly bad, and a new nature, recieved through the new birth, which is the very nature of God Himself, and there for wholly good, Hallelujah. The Scriptures we are about to read will sufficiently manifest what God thinks of the old or adam nature. 1. so point one the original nature or adam nature we are all born with. please turn your bibles to Psalms51:5 and it reads
    ok Clearly that is talking about the first worldly birth and as we can see, theres our sin nature. now please turn with me if you will:) to
    this is talking about all hearts are natural if you will, state our nature is wicked, i love how the spirit moved jeremiah to ask the reader who can know it and then in verse ten God is nice enough to answer this simple question with the LORD search the heart Glory.
    now if your still following along with me i know im boring :) let us make our way to the new testament to the book of romans, and let us read
    is it me? or do you also notice pauls emphasise on there is none Good? this again is talking about our original nature and how wicked it is. also see psalm14:1-3 and you will see paul quoting that in verse 10-12, any time you see as it is written you can bet it is in the good book all through out AMEN. now i want to bring something else in the light 2. God does not say that none of the unregenerate are refind, or cultured, or able, or sweet-tempered:) or generous, or charitable, or even that ol word religious lol But he does say that that none are righteous, understand God, or seek after him. If we say diffrent we say God is a liar: lets turn to 1John1:10 and 1John5:10.
    in other words to deny our wicked nature we are calling the Most high a liar tsk tsk tsk it also says when we believe we have the witness in us thank you Holy Spirit. now let us journey all the way back to
    ok i would just like to note anyone that comes to my classes on the other side of the computer will tell you when the Lord uses me to preach i make sure i add more than one or two verses to clarify a teaching also i do this so the students learn there books were there at etc. we see in Genesis just how rotten are nature is and if you look around it hasnt changed. lets shoot back in the new testament and go to
    this was of course a reply to the pharisees for talking of Jesus' disciples about not washing there hands but it agrees alot with our topic here dont you think? also we see why alot of people didnt like Jesus he told it like it was Praise The most High. now please if you are still reading along, go to
    Praise the Lord! what kind of man? the natural man the man loathing in his natural wicked nature, i hope we are starting to see a picture:) lets go back a book to Romans and read
    Hallelujah this pretty much somes it up in a box huh? :) lets keep on keepin on all the way to
    By What? the nature you got it.
    3. It is obvious that the unconverted man cannot obey God, Please God, nor understand God. The believer though while still having his old nature unchanged has recieved a new nature (Thank you Jesus) Which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness the next Scriptures will show the origin and character of the new man. it will show that being regenerated(Reborn) is a a creation not a mere transformation the briging in a new thing , not the change of the old, as we recieved human nature by natural birth so do we receive the Divine nature by being Born Again. Praise the Lord. lets go to
    AMEN! lets go back a couple of chapters to
    and lets go to
    How about it folks:) but.. but.. Not all who are born! But all who are Born Again are the children of God. lets go to
    Thank you Holy Spirit wasnt i saying that up above? i will never teach my opinion i will always heed the warning AMEN always search the scriptures make sure your speakers pastors etc line up on the bible. ok with that said lets go to
    does this mean we will not sin? of course not it means we can now please God and his wrath does not abide on us any longer AMEN. lets go back to Galatians to
    so of course it means we shouldnt keep living in sin either:) now lets go to
    ok before we continue i would like to say if you are studying along with me i told you so, if you are starting to get paper cuts from flipping through the scriptures i am not going to apologize it is healthy:) i love you:) ok back to our study:) Rmember we are born again but the old nature remains its called the flesh.

    4.lets go to
    You can clearly see paul fighting with his old nature in this verses.
    It was Job the perfect and upright man that said i abwhore myself and Daniel said my comeliness was turned in me to corruption, when he saw the glorified ancient of days.

    5. there is conflict between our two natures.. lets read
    it is obvious paul is talking of flesh and spirit and giving great detail of the two natures.

    6. but living in the flesh is no excuse to walk in it
    heed the warning now onto
    with the bible in our lives and the Spirit most importantly we have no excuse be not decieved AMEN.
    and finally
    Thank you for reading and if you did and was patient do you know you was walking after the Spirit? thats right patience is a fruit of the Spirit AMEN till next time with Love in Christ,Brother Travis p.s Nice meeting you all and i hope you enjoyed this long first post lol Gods blessings also my site there are more posts of mine if ur interested check them out at http://christianfaith.ning.com

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