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  1. Good evening everyone,

    With all honesty, sometimes when you're fasting, and the enemy tries so hard to hit you with things. At first, it would be one of your struggles, and if that didn't work it would be someone who you didn't think was interested at first, but then you can see out of nowhere the person seems interested in you, but you know that's the enemy strategy's to confuse you, and take away your blessing from God. And if that didn't work, he'll try to condemn you by bringing up you're past and making you feel like you are not worthy. But when that doesn't work, and you feel those chains broken! you feel good in the inside, and out of nowhere you get attacked hard! What I am trying to say is that if you ever fasted or whenever you do fast! Continue to seek the Lord, no matter what the enemy or your flesh throws at you! Because in the end, it's worth the wait for the answer comes with the Lord.
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  2. Welcome Angela! Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance.
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  3. [​IMG] Welcome Angela
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  4. The reason that is, is because "there is no temptation taken you but that which is "common" to man......"(1 Cor 10:13) The common part of man is in our "human nature" where it needs to eat, sleep, and it deals with the physical part of man. Jesus was tempted in his human nature when he had "fasted" for 40 days, and the Bible says "Jesus was hungry" What the devil tempted Jesus with was to turn stones into bread. So, it is not uncommon for the devil tempt us when we are exhausted, tired, hungry, or being upset, or anything that has to do with our human nature.
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  5. Angelica;U/R 100% rite-on in yer thinkin'. So b/blessed, new/sis. & may yer' guard/Angel keep U always enfolded w/his wings ! ...marty
  7. Senor sir, the Michael Mouse is tre' cool. PAX...marty

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