Hello and Brief Intro!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by chilli1, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Hello and Brief Intro!

    Hi all!
    I'm Cheryl and I'm excited about becoming a member of this site and meeting other Christians.
    I only recently became a Christian (Oct 2007). Life wasn't so great and I was at my lowest point ever, but God turned that all around. I was working as a hotel receptionist and Adam was a guest there, attending a Christian course in the area.
    I had sneaked in some of my artwork to work on but Adam caught a glimpse of my canvas sticking out from under the desk. Being an artist too, he asked to look. Then, noticing I was wearing a cross on my necklace, he asked if I was a Christian. I told him my mother was. So Adam told me about the course he was attending.
    We became friends and Adam paid for me to go on the course in January 2008 and I became a believer. Since then, life has been wonderful and by April, we were married! We now live in a lovely place, with my 2 beautiful children and God continues to do great things in our lives.
    Oops...not such a brief intro after all!
  2. Welcome to our family Cheryl!
  3. Welcome to the Site, Cheryl.
  4. Welcome, to this site Cheryl. It is a site I believe one can be honest and recieve the word of God. I think Jesus, would be proud of a forum like this.
  5. Hey Cheryl. That makes two users with the name Chilli!

  6. Wow!! great story Cheryl:cool: Was that Blessed or what?!:D A big howdy doody to you my sister I never met yet, WELCOME to CFS, and no that is not cfs---combat flight simulator from MS!!Heehehehehehahahahahaaaaaaahhhhhahahahahaah
    Have fun and enjoy- the both of you newly weds!!:):D

    Chili out.
  7. BTW!! I threw an extra chili on the grill for you n yours as part of the wedding feast! Ihope ya like it hot!!


    cuz we are for Jesus, good food, and friends n bros n sis'rs
    All righty then:groupray: TY lord for the new couple Amen

    Chili out.:p
  8. Oh now we got two chilis and we gonna have sum fun .... Woo ----Hoo.

    So welcome to the forum and enjoy the ride.

    Love your testimony. God is good .

    Now the other chil , Don't get jealous ..... He he .

  9. Welcome:israel:
  10. Hi and welcome.
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