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  1. I'm new. 27 years old new, but new.

    I am looking for a place, a forum perhaps, where there are educated discussions and small chit chat of the Word.

    I'm looking to grow, to learn, to have fellowship!

    I am currently attending LCU - 1st Year - (Life Christian University) through an outlet other than the campus which happens to be a church in central Michigan.

    Hopefully, I can run into someone around my area for bible studies. Only thing I seem to not have set up yet.

    Currently I'm looking for information on the original Greek text of the bible. What version is that under? I have no idea as I've just started looking.

    Nice to meet everyone and hopefully some good relationships, friendships, will come from here!
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  2. Welcome! Blessings.

    If you have access to android. There is an app called my sword. It has the ability to have a greek Bible with the strongs definitions also has a Hebrew Bible also. Just a thought. I really enjoy it.
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  3. Welcome!! :D

    Please take a few minutes to go over the forum rules. Thanks

    Community Rules
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  4. @thaumasios, welcome to CFS.
    Should you have any questions, please ask.

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