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  1. Hi,

    You can see from my profile that I'm aetheist, and always have been really, at least for as long as I remember anyway. As such, I don't really conform to your member rules but I'm presuming you welcome 'my type' here? If not I can move on.

    I'm not looking to antagonise anyone, but as an open minded chap, just wanted to have a look around. I'm not planning to be a prolific member, rather just chip in here and there to give an alternative view perhaps.

    My main interest is astronomy, and I have firm confidence in current accepted scientific understandings of the origins of the Universe, evolution and the like. I realise thats a bit of a contentious point for you and I but I'm not here to go on a crusade for these things, just letting you all know where I'm coming from.

    My past discussions with religious friends and colleagues lead me to the conclusion that there can be no 2 further opposed mindsets than a believer and atheist but that just stirs my curiosity even more I suppose. Not sure if the curiosity is mutual?

    Anyway, just finished my intro so hopefully you don't boot me out too soon. Just settling down with a beer to watch the Merseyside derby.

  2. Welcome :)

    To be completely honest, I was an atheist for a few years....

    I hope you enjoy it here :)

    We won't ban you just because you don't believe in what we do. You are more than welcome here.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Moving from aetheist to a religious movement seems a massive leap. I know I said I wouldn't harp on about it but what were your thoughts on scientific theories of the origins of the universe and age of the earth etc.. before you converted?

    And did you take those opinions with you or leave them behind?
  4. Welcome to the forum! :) Your questions/comments are welcome to....

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