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  1. Hehe...

    Q. What did Adam say to his wife the night before Christmas?

    A. Merry Christmas Eve!

    Q. Why did God create man first?

    A. He didn't want any opinions!
  2. LOL

    Adam wasn't around for a Christmas. :p
  3. Very good!:D I needed a laugh thanks!
  4. lol, here are some more

    Kernal Sanders went to the cathedral to see the Pope about a business proposition.
    He informed the Pope how it would not only benefit him but also the church. "How is that the Pope asked. Kernal Sanders said "I will pay you $10,000,000 if you change the Lords prayer from "our daily bread" to "our daily chicken." The pope shockingly said "I CAN"T DO THAT!!" So Kernal Sanders replied how about $100,000,000 The Pope replied you do not under stand I cannot make this decision alone I must talk to the Cardilals first. Later The Pope was in session with the Cardinals and said "Brothers, I have some good news and some bad news." "What's the good news" asked one of the Cardinals." Kernal Sanders has offered us $100,000,000 to change The Lords prayer from "our daily bread" to "our daily chicken." "And the bad news is?" asked another Cardinal. The Pope replied 'We lose the Wonder bread account."
  5. A Limo driver gets a call from his dispatch to go pick up the Pope at the Cathedral. When he gets there he meets the Pope and says "Are you who I think you are?" The Pope replies "Yes I am" "What an honor this is to not only meet you but also be given the opertunity to give you a ride in my Limo." replied the driver. As they got into the limo the Pope told the driver He needed to get to the airport as quickly as possiable. after a while on the freeway the Pope asked the driver if he could speed it up as he couldn't afford to miss his flight. The driver responded saying "I'm sorry sir but if I get one more ticket I'll lose my licesense. "OH" replied the Pope "in that case would you mind if I drove then." the Pope asked. After changing places the Pope went on his way expidiently to make up lost time. Not too soon later a Police car pulled up along side and waved them over to the side of the road. The police man knocked on the tinted window of the Limo and as it rolled down the officer was stunned saying "Are you who I think you are?" The Pope replies "Yes I am". Rather confused the officer excused himself back to his car and called for the police captian. The officer explained to the captian that he just pulled over a very important person and he wasn't sure just what to do . The captian asked if this guy was more important then a congressman or senetor the officer replied "I belive so" the Captian replied more important then the President? The officer replied I'm not sure lets just say whoever this guy is the Pope is his choufer!
  6. This one's my favourite! I've heard the beginning go that the Pope was picked up at his Papal apartment, not a Cathedral and also the cop said "let's just say whoever this guy is, the Pope is driving for him!" :p Oh well, Great one nonetheless!
  7. These are all just hilarious!


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