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  1. Aw, c'mon, you have to watch it all! It made ME laugh!
  2. Tink im too young to understand it :p
  3. Thanks Violet.... It made me laugh as well . Maybe I'll oder a half a dozen of his CD's... Tee hee. I laughed when he sang I got the joy , joy , joy down in my heart and the other guy was so enthusiastic with his " Where"?
  4. Thanks Dusty, I thought it was funny and I see you have a sense of humor!!!
  5. LOL!!! I agree with the "where" guy being enthusiastic...

    That was great!
  6. I liked the Gilligan tune!:)
  7. :funnypost::dance::dance::dance::funnypost:
  8. i don't know mike cope, so i'm sure i can't appreciate the whole joke, but the singing was sure funny! :dance:
  9. I don't either.
    It just reminded me of a real commercial.
    And the guy sang off key and I liked the Gilligan's Island tune.
    It was strange humor!
  10. Glad someone does! :D
  11. the first one I really don't get,

    that other one I like (momsense)

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