Heavy rain & funnel clouds

Discussion in 'Severe Weather' started by filarks, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Hi all, we big clouds lined up coming our direction with funnel clouds spotted. We are getting heavy rain now.
    2nd day in a row of heavy rain in the Post, TX region.
    County roads will be messy delivering the mail this coming week as we are expected to get heavy rain thru Monday night.
    God bless each of you!
  2. Wow - you guys in TX have been getting slammed by the weather this year. Have prayed for you all (ya'll?). We're supposed to get some storms in MI tomorrow, but nothing like what you get down there.
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  3. In line to get it again tonight. Just moving 6 mph. Very heavy rain!
  4. 6 mph? Wow, that is slow! Means it hangs around for a long time. Hang in there!
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