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  1. Heavy Metal

    How Come People Think HeavY Metal Is Evil
  2. We talkin ACDC or armor plating?
    Heavy Metal was born from the attitude of rebellion against authority. It got it's popularity, because it pushed the envelope. The more the band offended conservative and religious sensabilities, the more popular they were. Look at the two most popular heavy metal bands:Black Sabbath and Kiss. These two bands defined heavy metal in mid to late seventies. Their stage acts included biting the heads off of fake bats, dressing up as gargoyles or demons, and spitting fake blood into the audience. Their intentions may have been only to shock people to sell tickets(well Ozzy likes to claim He's the prince of darkness), but the origins are Satanic,regardless of what the bands members believe(d). The songs were about pure self indulgence and rebellion, and the antics of the bands when they werent on stage folowed right along with the songs they wrote. The only thing that has changed, is that these two bands, compared to modern "hardcore"( meaning "really nasty heavy metal") bands such as Slayer, Sepultura, or Slipnot, look like Barney the dinosaur.
  3. Hi Beloved child of the Lord...,

    Is there a particular heavy metal song, whose lyrics are honoring the Lord?

    Since I am not into there music, maybe there is...

    I don't know what Nickleback is classified under but I like there song Savin me...
  4. If it honors God it is acceptable to He who judges all hearts. If it is wordly it doesn't matter what instruments are playing God will not receive it. God judges on the heart- not your shoes, not your hair and not your sounds but what is inside you and what you are expressing to Him.
  5. do you not see the satanic and occult symbolism they use? They all praise satan. And I am sure they prolly have subliminal messages in there as well.
  6. A lot of Heavy Metal bands use shocking symbols to boost their rebellious appearance and to generally make them anti-establishment. That's not to say that the sound itself is satanic, but the bands in the past have gone through a great deal of trouble to tie themselves to evil....and now complain that everyone thinks they are evil.
  7. Are we getting specific on bands now? I cannot confirm or deny what you are saying without a name. It is quit obvious that worldy bands will not glorify God (as stated above). That does not mean that type or style of music couldn't be used by an indivdual who wanted to compose worship.
  8. I'm really referring to the early roots. Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, etc... They really went out of their way to appear satanic, and many even professed satan worship.
  9. :DNo arguement here Ban.:p
  10. Good Morning,:israel:

    When you are babtised in the Holy Spirit, your taste in style of music will change... :)

    As a beloved child of a unconditional love, forgiving and Father God, your focus in these things will turn to honor Him in Worship, or soak in His Presense...:jesus-sign:
  11. I have seen many young people worship Jesus with music some here wouldn't like. Seeing them express their love for Christ and witnessing the impact it has had on their lives has blessed my soul. That being said my taste in lyrics has totally changed although my musical styles taste is as broad and inclusive as ever.
  12. Some do and those bands that do, should be avoided. On the other hand, there are Christian heavy metal bands, so I have to agree with Boanerges, God judges the heart, not the style of music.

  13. The RELIGIOUS establishment NEEDS to be offended.

    Someone asked for God edifying Lyrics...

    Here are the lyrics from a favorite punk band....

    and another....

    The style of these two songs is screamo punk. This means that the singer screams into the microphone when he sings. But he DOES sing to Jesus. The band is "One Bad Pig" The songs both come from an album called "I Scream Sunday".
  14. ^^^ Loved their remake of Judas' Kiss btw...
  15. Yeah, but my favorite is "You're a Pagan"
  16. Ignorence is why. Ignorence causes alot of things. Fear bing one of the big ones. Heavy Metal itself, in any form or by the way they sound is not evil. the evil is always the people. (VERY small minority, even in extreme music).
  17. the lyrics do take priority,so you need to read the bible.
  18. read my post again. i never mentioned lyrics nor ideology. just the sound.
  19. thing is, alot of the imagry and stuff, is just for shock. they do not believe in it, and i find no evil in the sound. (going with my heart on that and belief in god on that). [ you people may feel differently then i.]

    the real question is, why ban our kids from listening to music like this, that has some deep, poetic value, yet let them listen to the generic Pop star that sings of sleeping with 20 people at once, or the rapper that says he popped many people on the street because they insulted his mum.
  20. are you God,how do you know what people believe or don,t believe.every thing that is for the many has diffrent meanings you influence everyone.if you say for example,black hair in black clothes will save all,this would be opposite to the end.if you are used which most of us are then you influence a lot.

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