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  1. Heavy Metal Music

    Pat Robertson thinks heavy metal music is inspired by Satan and that all who listen to it worship the devil. What do you think?
  2. The only reason heavy metal is distasteful to me now, is because I associate it with the times in my life before I knew God, when it was an escape and would enhance certain habits in my life. Certain groups and certain albums would fit different times in my life, and I don't like the memories that come with these tunes when I hear them. But when my kids listened to them, I understood.

    I still lean toward metal, but only because I grew up with it. But now I listen to alternative Christian hard rock with a positive message. Air 1 is my fav station.
    Oh . . . by the way, I'm 60, so what does that make me? :smiley310: lol Are there any other crazy old metal listeners like me? Who were your fav groups?
  3. I personally believe that you can get something good and bad out of everything. Heavy Metal music doesn't necessarily have to be inspired by Satan. There are soo many great Christian Metal artists out there that spread the word of God by doing the right thing.

    For that instance there are many pop songs out there that convey the wrong message with their lyrics. Just because its pop doesn't mean its innocent.

    Hope that helped clear up things a bit


  4. I agree SS. It does bring back a lot of memories, some good some bad. I too have mellowed with age. Like Xcortman said, heavy metal is not nessessarily evil but is hard to listen to. And heavy metal christian rock is a bit hard for me now however, it is bringing a lot of the younger generation to Christ which IS a good thing.:smiley20:. Remember, God will rock out with you as long as the messege is true. Heck HE gave us the talent to make this music.

    Chili out
  5. I remember listening to a radio preacher many years ago who seemed to think that good ol' country gospel was the only acceptable contemporary style of music. Never mind all the songs about drinking, carousing, infidelity, etc. that use the same musical style. I don't personally care for heavy metal (is AC/DC considered heavy metal? If so, they would be one of the exceptions, they make me laugh) but if the lyrics and intent are straight up and the lives of the musicians exemplify lives transformed by Jesus, then I got no problem with it. My issues with music have little to do with the style itself and more to do with the pitfalls of the modern music scene across all genres.
  6. AC/DC are not considered metal, they are more of rock/hard rock band. I still listen to them now and then, although mostly when i first started playing guitar.

    Heavy Metal Christian Music is a blessing...

    Check this band out called "Narnia" - Living Water is the name of the song

  7. Here's what I believe:
    Music does come from God, and He created man with an ability to create and enjoy it. But the devil has stolen a lot of what God created as good, to use for his evil purposes - namely to lure us away from serving and worshiping the Lord. And music is one of the things he has stolen - when God intended it to be used for His honour and pleasure.
    We've ruined the perfect world God created for us through our sinning and rebellion against Him. Instead, without knowing it often, man has been caught up in the devil's wickedness to the point that he is serving Satan's evil intents. The devil is called "the god of this world" 2 Cor 11:4 and " the prince of the jpower of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience" Eph 2:2
    Music is one of the most powerful influences in our society, and the god of this world clearly inspires wicked men to to create music to satisfy their ungodly lusts. In Dan 3 the king demands the worship of his statue under the influence of music. If " the whole world lieth in wickedness"' 1 Jn 5:19 what does that say about the world"s music? As it has every other thing, Man's wickedness has corrupted music.
    Slow music or fast, some churches choose the former and some the latter, neither is , in itself, spiritual or carnal; its all a matter of what you do with it. If your are truly worshipping the Lord, as He desires, and you are drawn closer to Him, or inspired to respind to His Word, thats great. Be wary, though of mere emotional stimulation because this invariably leads to lustful, evil, dangerous and even malicious intent. It's significant that Ezek 28:13 suggests that one of the glories in Lucifer, that filled his heart with pride and rebellion against God, was the music that was created into his very being.
  8. What about Lamb Of God's song called "walk with me in hell"?
  9. There are some good heavy metal Christian groups out there maybe Pat is stuck in the past.

  10. Hey they are pretty good! Reminds me of David Bowe. it is hard but they seem to get the message across. I think I will send this 1 around the block a couple times :smiley20: to my youth believers! MMMMMM

    Chili out.
  11. Totally love Narnia man.. When i first heard them, i was blown away completely. They've come out with their new album a few months ago called, "Course of a generation". I can't get enough of their music.

    Rock on bro Chili

  12. Uh...yeeeaah....not my thing, I guess, but rock on dudes! The guy on the keyboards looked kinda like my younger brother, who also plays keyboard and drums. His music isn't exactly to my taste, either. Lol, now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go chase some kids off my lawn.
  13. I love cradle of filth, black sabbath, metallica, carcass, cradle of filth, hammerfall, sonata arctica, rammstein, slayer, etc
  14. Hey, is Laibach considered heavy metal, or am I just a hopelessly out of touch old man? I kinda like what little of their stuff I've listened to. I grew up on '70s top 40 rock and pop, so that shaped my musical tastes.
  15. Used to listen to a bit of metallica back when i was in high school but not so much of the others..Im really careful thought with the lyrics these heavy metal bands come up with these days. Learning to be a bit more choosy in what i listen to..


    If this is the Laibach your talking about, its not even close to pop stuff LOL

  16. I don't believe there is anything wrong with any music. Music is art and the same song can mean many things to different people. Even music with vulgarity is art. Art is no stranger to vulgarity. I grew up in the 70's and 80's and I listened and still do listen to heavy metal music. I remember when people thought KISS were Satanists, then it was Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, and people thought Motley Crue was definitely evil. ACDC suppsedly meant "against Christ devils child". It was all silly and it was how people like my parents and the older generation showed their disgust for loud and fast music that they didn't understand. I remember sneaking behind my parents back to get tickets to go see KISS when I was 15 years old with a bunch of my friends. I had joined the Kiss army and my parents didn't know. I had the best time of my life at that concert. Didn't drink or do any drugs nor did I have sex and I surely didn't come home loving Satan. It's all about entertainment and that's it. Music cannot make anyone turn against Christianity unless that person already wants to turn away from it.
  17. I listen to some Christian heavy metal. But not so much. I'm more of a hard-rock kind of girl.
  18. But, is this type of "art" something that you think Jesus would listen too? Or would the message and vulgarity offend him? We have to look at things like this in the perspective of what the LORD would have for us..And do you think this vulgarity offend your brother??If so to any of these, i don't think it is wise to listen to it..blessings
  19. There is no way that anyone can say for sure what would offend Jesus Christ. I would like to think that he had a sense of humor. I'm not personally offended by heavy metal music. What other people choose to do with their life does not offend me. It's their soul they have to worry about in the end. No my brother is not offended by much of anything!
  20. We know alot about what offends Jesus! Sin, sin of any type offends our LORD, and vulgarity to me would count as sin. And in offending your brother, that is your bretheren in Christ i am referring to.. The word gives us an examply of this, that if your bretheren be offended by meat, to not eat it, although it not be a sin to eat meat, if it offends your brother, it could become a stumbling block unto him. We must be careful about what we do, say and have in our lives that other's are able to see.

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