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  1. So I went and saw this movie last night. It honestly was a really good movie! Even my dad who is not religious liked it!

    I've come to really believe in Colton Burpo's story. His story is closely tied with Akiane's story, and her painting of The Prince Of Peace resembles the Jesus Colton saw in heaven.

    Do you believe all of this? Is this all just imagination, demonic hallucination, or spiritual revelation?

    Even if you don't believe I highly recommend the movie!
  2. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.. I don't know if your dad is a believer.. But generally speaking, spiritual things would either be foolish or offensive to unbelievers..
  3. He knows about spiritual things, and he knows my faith.

    He liked it because it answered a lot of questions, and presented it in a very unbiased fashion. The dad in the movie struggles to believe in what his son tells him.

    Yes he doesn't believe Jesus is God, but he still can like the movie.
  4. My intention was not to deviate or cause confusion!

    And to answer your question, I think it is lot of imagination.. Rather than spiritual revelation.. That's why I am not planning to see the movie..

    Again, it is great thing to show how the dad struggles to believe and how he finally believes, etc.. A bigger question for me is, should I believe in the entire story! :D
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  5. I don't want to be a 'hater', but the idea of a 3 year old kid dying, going to heaven, and then coming back to life just seems far fetched to me. I don't think God would let someone see heaven unless they were actually dead, for like, ever. If this story were true their would probably be lots of accounts like this. Besides, if you heard the things 3 year olds say, it is kind of ridiculous to believe them half the time. I haven't seen the movie though. Just my opinion from what I know.
  6. i think its awesome you got saved at such a young age ^_^
    and I think that movie is spot on..i really want to see em all. :))
  7. Even if you don't believe it (I'm not sure I do), it's still an A+ movie in my opinion. And it's a Christian movie, so it's better than seeing some secular movie.
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  8. but I still wanna see Rio2 tho XD lol
  9. Many books and stories about people who have gotten to see heaven. Amazing thing is some of the many books see the same things but with the persons revelation of the Word. Heaven is a place, no reason for God not to let us visit.

    I have seen God do some amazing things in my time walking by faith, through me and seeing it through others. Very had to believe things unless you actually where there.

    When someone has story that they went to hell, or went to heaven, it best not make a doctrine out of it, but at the same time we should not discount it all. I just say that is interesting.

    Just last week our friend told us of what God did for her.

    The Lord told her to go to Kmart. She just left her Husband and had nothing for her small one room apartment. She never steps foot in Kmart, but she obeyed. When she got in the Lord told her to pick out things for the Apartment. She had zero cash on her so she figured the Lord just wanted her to look and believe him for it to get later.

    So she gets to looking and the Lord tells her to put these things in the cart and was like........ Am I loosing my mind thinking this is God? I don't have any money!!!! but she said she knows the Lord's voice inside so she put everything in the cart she needed and the Lord directed.

    The last item was a huge trashcan for about 17.00. She said she would never spend that on some trashcan or one that big but she obeyed and put it also in the cart.

    She wanted gum also since the Lord was buying but the Lord said, NO GUM, just watch what I am going to do.

    She gets to check out and thinking about what to tell the check out person that she can't pay for it, and when the total was given 142.17 someone in back of the line spoke up and said...... I have that exact amount in my pocket, down to the penny. The person said I'll buy it all for you, it's exactly what I have in cash.

    The only thing that limits God is our lack of faith. Had my friend not put the things in the cart, not had the courage to go to check out she would still be without.

  10. You seem to have a lot of stories! I'm kind of jealous.

    I hope God does something like that in my lifetime!

    I know that one day I prayed for an Ipad Air, and that same day I got it and I'm using it now! :)
    Which is strange because I don't like praying for material things....
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  11. Praise God for the Ipad Air!!!! God is good to us :)

    This was not my story though, it's a friend of my wife's. I love to hear God do things like that. God does what he can to get over to us good things.

    Also best to ask God for stuff always, because if you do that and not just buy it even if you have the money, then you are getting things by faith and getting God involved. When we skip God and just do something with money, then it can end up breaking down the road, can cost us more than we thought and even waste our time.

    Remember what King Asa did when God had make him wealthy. He had a situation where he just paid off some folks and not go to God about it and the Lord was not to happy with that.

    How hard is it for the rich to enter into the Kingdom of God? (God's way of doing things, ruling with God, not by yourself)
    Asking always and just getting things you have faith for, fixes these issues.

    Ipad Air!!! Now that is awesome!!

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  12. Yeah my dad thought it would be a good idea for me to have one, since they are portable and do basically everything I need. But he was planning on getting it this summer.

    One day I looked up some info on it and decided I wanted one, so I prayed a silly prayer that basically went like "I know this is stupid, but I pray that you will get me an Ipad Air.". Then maybe 2-3 minutes later my dad asked if I wanted to go with him and his GF to run some errands. Seeing this as my opportunity I happily went along.

    We spent over 2 hours in a PGA golf store, I was just standing around holding all of their stuff thinking "Maybe I will get an Ipad Air today?". Then we headed off for lunch and I mentioned it to my dad and he said "Well there is an AT and T store around the corner, maybe I'll get you one today.", and I was like WHAT!?

    Then we went to the AT and T store and he actually got me and himself one! I was like I cannot believe you actually got me one (speaking to God of course)!

    I know it's so silly but I fully believe God gave me it :)
  13. Amen, God uses people, and places things on peoples heart. If God just rained Down Ipad Air's from heaven then they might not be that great of shape when we picked them up. :)
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  14. I read the book, and a few others like it. Then I read one where the message was that God loves us all and we can do no wrong. That He loves us no matter what we do. It was not what the Bible taught. Then, I wondered about other religions and near death experiences. Some see their religious figures during these. They can't all be right. So, I started thinking more about it. If these people saw these things and talked to God or Jesus, that should be in the Bible as scripture. The messages of many seem to contradict scripture, so it can't work. Also, one author said he did not see God in his book and then, in speeches years later, said he DID see God. When questioned, he made up some excuse about the change in story.

    In Heaven is for Real, the boy did not actually die. He did not flatline, there was no resuscitation, etc. So, he didn't die. Also, maybe God really did show his something, but I just don't see how all these stories can be correct.
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  15. I like the way you put everything very frankly.. I echo your thoughts.. For me everything should align with script.. There are handful of people who had glimpses of heaven.. Only 2 were allowed to talk about it.. Bible at many places clearly says there is only one person who has ascended into Heaven. That is Jesus Christ.. So summing up all these things, it is very hard for someone to accept the events narrated in these books.. When in doubt, better to stay away.. And these stories are quite common in other religions also..
  16. Accidentally disliked your post, but I immediately changed it to agree (which is what I meant to click)!

    I'm staying away at this point.
  17. Too bad the movie tip toes around biblical truths. I was surprised to see cnn do a report about how unbiblical the movie is.
  18. Really???? Surprising!

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