Heaven and earthly things

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  1. Heaven and earthly things

    Maybe this is a little bad sounding, but I had the thought recently that maybe there are things on Earth that would be desirable in Heaven that may not be there. Like the supposed joy of raising a family, or being a grandfather. Things I haven't experienced yet. If the rapture is tommorow then where will these things be? Or will they be too 'earthly' not to matter to me anymore?

    What do I know though? Maybe this is just a selfish thought :eek:

    Will we all be too busy being with God to care about whether we have any family there? :confused::confused::confused:
  2. I believe it’s going to be one big happy family. After all, God is our Father and we are his children.

    And as far as what will be there, or what we will do?
    I don’t think it matters much. Whatever it is… it will be exactly what we want and we’ll be happy.

    I’m not too worried about it.
    …faith, hope, love…
    We won’t need faith anymore because we will know and see with our own eyes because we will be there.
    We won’t need hope anymore because… well… same reason.
    We will have more love than we could ever imagine. God is love, we will be there and I can’t think of anything better than that.

  3. Amen !
    Years ago a portion of a dream i had was being in the presense of God for only a few seconds... If this dream is anything like what it will be like, these things will not enter our minds where even the air we will breath is Gods Love for us...
  4. Jesus said that his disciples, even if they had to abandon their natural family structures & jobs, should see that through him they had moved into a new solidarity. Poetically, they would, “receive a hundred times more” alongside a dollop of troubles in this age, after which would come “real life” (Mk.10:29f.).

    Of course, we desire everlasting life because it’s with God: we do not desire God in order to have everlasting life. For some inkling of the next age read the section on Heaven in The Problem of Pain (C S Lewis). Lewis painted an enchanting picture, then added that if his picture’s wrong it’s because the Imaginator (we are but sub-imaginators) has even better for us. Too easily we can feel that earthly joys are missing from heaven. It’s like the boy whose highest pleasure was chocolate. Told that ones honeymoon opens up the joys of lovemaking he asked if the couple ate chocolate while making love. Told “no”, he assumed their joy was less than his. The positive of the real world – we live in the shadowlands – is a bit like that. Whatever God designed for earthly joys (and they can be lumped with troubles, as in parenting, as in marriage), outside the box we’re in he can really go to town for our joy - his joy is complete. It’s been said that he’s a hedonist at heart (Ps.16:11).

    Families will be over; all will be family. I picture the whole universe free to be roamed without the need of spacecraft, each atom examinable to our eyes, each spectrum of light open to our wonder, bumping into real friends wherever we go, all within the sense of God.
  5. Thank you for this answer. It really helped.

    I'm much happier knowing this now. :D
  6. There is no joy on this earht that is greater than the fellowship and communion of the Holy Spirit. When we are free of this earthly baggage that will be multiplied exponentially!

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