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  1. Sister Olivia touched on a great subject in another thread with a teacup story, how God spoke to her in a unique, personal way and told her to do something and stepping out in faith she did and was able to witness God working in another person's life.

    I have had the same experience many times in my life, so how about we glorify the Lord and let's recount what He has done in our lives in this way, one criteria, no one else knew what He told us to do, it was a personal word to us.

    Here's one of mine, during a period of discipline and chastening in my walk, He allowed my pickup to be taken away from me and through His mercy and grace provided me with a scooter, the capacity of a scooter to haul tools is very limited so I had to be very careful and prudent in what tools I needed each day, since I am the maintenance man for 78 apartments I have my work scheduled one, two days in advance, one morning as I was reviewing the work I had to do the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and told me to take a basin wrench, now that in it's self was interesting because back in '94 I was guide for some friends visiting California, we were at Home Depot and He told me to buy the wrench, here I am ten years later, having never used the wrench, packing it under the seat of my scooter, ...and of course there was an emergency that day where I needed that very wrench, because no other tool would of worked, ...and at that time it was the only one in Tahiti.

    Praise the Lord,

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  2. I visited an old high school friend this weekend and we had quite a miraculous testimony of God's goodness in common. We were both bullied in high school. I was bullied a little by one guy, he was bullied a lot by another guy. We prayed that God take vengeance and help us...we were too weak to defend ourselves :notworthy:. God kept telling us to hang in there and not do anything drastic. The bullying was never life threatening.

    My bully: Oneday after school I hear my bully begging his friends for help as a bigger guy in college was going to smack him. I saw all his friends leave him. The bullying stopped that day for me.

    His bully: He met him a few years after school. Came up to his car begging for money. He could see he was on drugs and homeless. Prayed with him and helped him with some food. This really was quite a testimony by him. What in the universe are the odds of that?

    God is good!
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  3. I had taken my car to a garage and was waiting for it to be serviced. As I waited, I was speaking to the Lord about a problem a couple were having, that were contemplating marrying. Suddenly, I "saw" as in a vision a street, cars parked, the "groom to be:, and the "bride to be". Now I knew the area where this young lady was staying (with a couple from church), but I did not know the exact location. I asked the Lord if He wanted me to go there, but I didn't want to go. But I said "Lord, ifI go and you're not with me, nothing will come of it." So I went.

    I drove to the area, and to my surprise I saw the same cars parked as in the vision, and the young Brother standing at the curb. I parked the car, went over to him and just said, "Praise the Lord!": he began to cry! At that moment, his fiancee came out of an apartment with a box of clothes in her hand, smiled ad said Hi!" to me: and when I answered Praise the lord, Sister!": she began to cry! Then I went over to where the fiancee was staying, and the wife in the apartment came out and looked at me with surprise, and said, "Brother Villa!" I just said, "Praise the Lord!": and she started crying, saying they didn't mean any harm. Then her husband came out from around the outside corner of the apartment and looked surprised when he saw me. I just said, "Praise the Lord, Brother!" And he started saying that they were just trying to do the right thing. I had no idea what any one of them was talking about! But there was definitely a problem.

    To make it short: we all got together and prayed and the Lord healed what needed healing; and He forgave what needed forgiving.
  4. Many years ago way before i came to Jesus, i wouldn't say it was God's voice i heard but more like an invisible force. One night i began making my way somewhere and i was determined to go. A couple of streets on my way i just stopped abruptly and turned back. It was like an invisible barrier that stopped me in my tracks , happened so suddenly i thought no more about it, didn't question shall i shan't i , jyst turned and went back.
  5. Once at work I was looking through a handbook when I saw a code for a certain product. That product did not sell often - up to that day I had never seen a customer buy one. Keep in mind that I am a cashier. Most things you can just scan.....but there a few items with no number or anything on them. You just have to have the code memorized or get someone to check. I was new at the time and had nothing memorized. So I saw this item (it has caught had caught my eye)....and I dismissed it. Turns out - that very day - a customer bought the item an I checked her out. Just think.....me with no knowledge of how to ring up that item.....the customer waiting for a long while in what should be a quick process......but the Lord has shown me the necessary information in advance....and at the time it had seemed so random and irrelevant. Yet He had prepared the way! And that is my point....this may not be an example of Him "speaking to me in a special way" but is an example of His special providence - in a way I did not even know that I would need that very day! :)
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  6. I think this is such an important point. Like when God tells you to check the oil level in your car and other daily type things. These things may look small, but they are actually very significant. Not checking that oil when he says so can lead to major problems.
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  7. I love thinking about the blessings of God in our daily lives. Something that God has done with me and my children a lot is for a long time God was giving two of my three children dreams daily. One would have a dream and then the other and they were having details in the dreams match up without knowing what the other had dreamed. So anyway these dreams were actually for my benefit. So I would ask for a sign in the dreams or ask God a question both in silence and then my children would dream and the sign would occur with the dreams and the question would be answered in the dreams.

    Another thing is one of the dreams I had from God when I was a child I never told my kids about. However, my daughter had the same dream and told me of her dream.
  8. I was thinking about this because I had to wake up in the middle of the night last night to pray again. One day God told me to pray for my son because a car accident was going to happen. I did and it turned out my son was in a car accident. It involved three cars. The back car was smashed in and the man had a broken back in several places. The middle car was totaled and wasn't even drivable. My son was uninjured and his car wasn't even dented at all and he couldn't believe how nothing happened with such a hard impact and that none of his camera equipment in the trunk was wrecked.

    Of course I was totally thankful. Yet it really makes me think how when God tells us to do something we can't procrastinate because even if it is not an accident we never really know the significance of obeying God when he tells us to do something. He could tell us to just go to the store. If we go when he says it could mean opportunities for us that we didn't know of, or being there to help someone when they need it, or even being there at the right time to tell the gospel to someone who may miss it if we procrastinated. All of us are told things by God everyday and I just am so thankful for his guidance and protection.
  9. I'm with you Olivia, the Lord speaks to me every day, in fact if He didn't I wouldn't know what to do, however, I'm surprised and a little stunned by the lack of responses.

    First thing this morning I checked my bank account and saw I had been paid, so I asked Him how He wanted me to worship and serve Him with my tithe, He put on my heart a certain ministry and an amount to send to them, we read in Malachi to test God with what we tithe to Him and He will out give us, at work this morning, out of the blue, I sold some drywall taping tools that I haven't used in almost ten years for $225, 000! God is so good and faithful, ...now I'm praying as to where I should send my tithe for that.


  10. I live in the desert just outside of Death Valley, so we usually get very little rain. One particular year was exceptionally dry. We had about 1/100" of an inch in 11 months.

    I usually wake up to an alarm clock to start my day so I can get to work on time. But one day in this dry period I woke to the strong sound of rain on the roof and window. I got up, looked at the clock, and it was less than 5 minutes of my normal wake-up time! I thanked God for both the rain and waking me up with it.

    ...then I looked at the clock again and discovered I had forgotten to set the alarm! It had been a couple years since I last did that!

    Even though it wasn't words, God spoke to me that day. He said, "Time to wake up!"
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