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  1. None of us deserve God's love because of what Adam allowed into the world (sin, doubt, and fear). But God who creatd us, decided that He still wanted to have a relationship with us anyway. He loves us so much that He chose to send Jesus to earth to be that pure and sinless sacrifice. To take Adam's place, by bringing THEE BLESSING back to the earth. Jesus brought grace and love for a fallen world. Now because we are covered in the Blood of Jesus (once we accept Him as Lord and Saior) God only sees us as righteous and sinless. In right standing with Him. Its Grace....which means unmerrited favor or God's overwhelming desire to treat us as if sin never happened.

    God does not want for us to weep because of what He set up to provide redemption for us. But to honor what Jesus did by accepting His love and making the choice to walk in His ways and be obedient and extend His love to others. He hopes that we will grab ahold of His love and begin to desire a relatonship with Him so that He may love and bless us. He desires that we learn all about Him, and spread what we learn to others, so that they can become apart of His Kingdom as well.

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  2. Ya know that is a realy great way to think about things! And a great attitude :) it really is refreshing getting to know you!
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  3. [QUOTE="Softly, post: 417011, ******
    I agree that Jews are blinded in a mystical way i can not explain towards Jesus, i have witnessed it[/QUOTE] The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 3
    14 But theirminds were blinded : for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ.
    15 But even unto this day, when Moses is read , the vail is upon * their heart.
    16Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, the vail shall be taken away .
    17Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty
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  4. Just a plain old "Hi, I'm softly, it's nice to to be here" would do just wonderfully. Were just plain folk here - none of us really toot our own horn! :D

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  5. I love the way you have explained this, it's really beautiful and so meaningful.
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  6. It's really strange, they just don't see it, I explained it to the Kabbalist and mentioned some passages somewhat loosely to him (coz I'm not versed in the bible), and he knew the sections I was referring too and he said he'd contemplated the idea that Jesus was the messiah but still didn't believe it, he said I was delusional coz he was the messiah. No one I have spoken too will even tolerate the idea. It's an unusual position for me to be in because I have no one to talk too about it. I'm very glad I chose this forum, you are just a wonderful group of people and while I'm not traditional in anything religious, I believe what is in my heart is my truth and God sees that and knows my truth and I hope I can offer something worthy for people, maybe something that gives them hope or makes them believe even more because I think sometimes no matter how much someone might believe there can be a tiny doubt and if anything I say can remove that doubt, I'd feel fulfilled or if I just made someone smile, that would be good enough for me.
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  7. Thank you for the kind words. All glory goes to the Holy Spirit for giving me the words :)
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    The sad thing is that there are many believers that are in the same place. They don't see how wonderful and loving God is. Or how much He loves them. And most (maybe half) are so busy with everyday life that they make no time to have a relationship with Him. And it is all just the enemy who is out to steal, kill and destroy the Body of Christ so that God's heart is hurt.

    Something to think about...is to begin to pray (if you have not already) for God to bind the strongman from their (the whole jewish nation, especially those closest to you) minds so that the veil can be removed.....then ask God who is the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to them with the Word of God. Someone that they will listen to. And i will be praying that too.

    We all are very glad that you are here too!
    Grace and peace be yours in abundance!
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    Why would anyone want to hurt God? He has feelings, why hurt anyone, let alone the one that gave you the air you breathe....
    Yes, I have been asking a great deal, and explaining why I'm asking, and also about the troubles that will come, that maybe he will not do it or less lives will be lost and reason why.
  10. The devil hates God. And thus he is out to destroy God's people any way he can so that it will hurt God. God cares deeply for the people that He has created. The devil has no control over us unless we let him. And he knows it. So as he is very crafty, he is destroying many people by their own hand. It is very sad to me to see.
  11. Our enemy the devil knows it is all about words and he wants to get our words speaking in such a way he can open up shop and begin to steal - kill and destroy
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  12. I have had these same experiences. We cannot both be nuts, I hope anyway.. lol
  13. The voice that speaks to me internally or sends me warnings in dreams I have always attributed to God. I do not know how to discern how these communications are specifically from the Holy Spirit or from God. I have always thought of the Holy Spirit as that which brings me new revelations when I am studying the Word - helps me see God's word in a way in which I've never quite seen it before. I also feel as though it is the Holy Spirit that allows me to practice discernment - to see things as they really are even though they look as though they are cloaked in good, but are really evil at their core. It is interesting how some of us attribute different divine communication to specific aspects of the Trinity. The bottom line, however, is that God speaks to us and what a blessing it is that we are able to hear and act upon what we are being told.
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