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  1. I have on a few occasions while in prayer or while praying for somebody, thoughts and words come into my head which I can only put down to the voice of the Holy Spirit. On numerous occasions I have been warned by the Holy Spirit of impending harm - which comes into my head almost like an audible voice. For example, I was driving on the highway a few months back and a still voice in my head said "somebody is going to do a U-turn in front of you". I immediately slowed down and sure as anything a person drove from the other side of the highway, on a blind bend, across my side of the highway in front of me. If I had not slowed down I would have hit him.

    The reason I am discussing this is often when I relate these happenings to other Christians I get a blank response - as if to say "buddy you have had to much to drink" or I get the response "you need your head checked" but more often I get the response "I wish could also hear God".

    I just want to know how many of you have heard the voice of the Holy Spirit and what can we do as Christians to encourage other Christians to recognize the soft voice of the Holy Spirit.

    I do not believe I am special, or nuts or paranoid. Yes I do have my own thoughts which cloud my hearing but when the Holy Spirit speaks it is as if His voice is crystal clear and exceptionally peaceful.

    I was in a major car accident a few years back and while my car was spinning out of control, I believe the Holy Spirit spoke in that moment of turmoil. Is was as if time stood still - now there were other people in the car and believe me time did not stand still for them. Just as my car was about to roll (@ 120km/hr) the Holy Spirit told me to take my foot off the brake - no spiritual enlightenment just plain simple instruction. The result was nobody in the car was hurt because the car did not roll but actually straightened itself out and came to a halt in the grass on the side of the highway. Afterwards I found out the entire steering column was broken at the time of impact - I had no way of controlling the car - God saved our lives.

    Once when I went to pray for a sick child, as I walked in the hospital ward the Holy Spirit said to me that the boys father would give his life to Christ when his son is saved. Sure as anything his son was saved and he did give his life to Christ.

    Please share your experiences of hearing the Holy Spirit, it can only encourage those who think they do not hear from God to start listening more carefully.
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  2. I had lost my debit card and didn't know where it was. I had to pay a bill or else I would have been fined by the bank. I spent all day looking for it. Finally as I went to bed I in frustration asked the lord to help me find it. I saw where the card was. It was behind the desk on the floor. Whether it was a vision I don't know. I got out of the bed and sure enough it was where I saw it.

    I was at work and the Holy Spirit gave me a knowing to fix the key holder. I ignored it thinking it was just me and later lost the key. The Holy Spirit told me to take some money and put it in my pocket, He would later tell me whome to give it. It was later that I was prompted to give it to a cousin.

    These things happen all the time. The bible says the spirit of man is the candle of he lord and as many as are led of the lord they are the children of God. The lord Jesus is our sheperd and part of the task of the sheperd is to guide the sheep.

    The Christian life is a supernatural life.
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  3. Amen!
  4. Late November of 1969, the exact date is found on the Wall in DC with the name Paul Edgar Heinen, I was standing in the Company street there in An Khe cursing God, a strange thing for an Atheist to do. God spoke just seven words and changed my entire life from that day forward. If you had stood there with me you would not have heard the still, quiet voice, it was for just me when He said, "Why curse me, you don even believe."
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  5. If God speaks like this to unbelievers - how much more does He speak to believers!

    "and the sheep will know His voice"
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  6. Amen! I have been indwelt with the Holy Spirit from the moment I converted 23 years later and those that claim the name of the Christ and yet say they do not know the Holy Ghost's presence concern me. I have even been told in a Baptist Forum by a Pastor/Seminary Prof. not to give him that holy spirit c--p when he asked for my certificate of learning and what courses I took.

    My usual reaction to those professing Christ without the indwelling is that they should, with prayer, do a Spiritual Inventory. Being a Baptist, naturally, I hang a lot on their forums and the usual reaction to my statement is to challenge me with, "How dare you tell me I'm not saved?" Because of my teaching from the Holy Ghost I have beliefs that some tend to question except the Pentecostals. In Baptist circle I am oft called Bapticostal. My favorite missionary is a Charismatic on the field in Guatemala that is routinely witness to the greatest miracles because of the basic belief of the converts he has brought to the foot of the cross.

    I truly wish the "well off" had the faith of the Third World Converts.

    God bless my brother.
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  7. The Spirit speaks to me in different ways. Many times His voice is what could seem to be a passing thought, which in hind sight, proves to be a gentle nudge. Maybe its a reminder to grab something which later turns out to be needed. I used to ignore these thoughts, but now that I am wiser (if not older) I realize my life is made much simpler and easier if I listen.

    If we have given ourselves to God, He will use the Spirit to guide us. We have free will and can (and often do) go our own way. But, if we let go and let God have His way, our lives will follow the path He has set for us.
  8. Yup Christianity can no longer be called a Western religion - the explosive growth in Africa especially is amazing. African churches appear to more open to the Holy Spirit than Western Churches.
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  9. Such a nice thread this.

    God has helped me SO MANY times. In all of them I have heard The Holy Spirit's voice! I have absolutely no doubt that He speaks to us and definitely in extreme situations. I suppose He speaks louder to some and softer to others, but He definitely talks to us!

    In addition to my testimony on the London train I have these 'stand-out' events.

    I was driving on the highway around 5 years back. I got a glimpse of traffic in my lane up ahead and started looking for a space in the lane next to me. There was no space. I was doing about 100km/h in the fast lane. Suddenly a soft voice says to me that there is a space. I take it and thank The Lord because I was battling to get in. A split second after I move into the other lane, the cars in front of me start breaking hard and crashing. The drivers of the vehicle in front of me died.

    Another time on my motorbike. I am driving at around 12pm at night, doing the speed limit of 80km/h. Driving down an empty street except for a stationery car in front of me parked on the left hand side of the road. Murphy's law, as I come close to the car, it swerves in front of me and then stops dead in the road when it see my lights. I cannot think of a worse case of bad luck for me!!!!! A soft voice told me to dip my bike to the left. I recall thinking that was not practical as I would hit the tar and then go flying into the car. I did that, lost control of the bike, but safely went flying and rolling away from the car. By doing that I realise it whiplashed me into safety but not the bike. The driver of the vehicle was high on drugs (think heroine). She comes up to me asking why I crashed. I wasnt the slightest upset with her as I was so glad to just be alive.

    I am mountain climbing with my family. Cut a long story short. My sister gets stuck on small ledge with nowhere to go. The rocks she stood on to get there have fallen. She is getting tired and panicking. I estimate it was around 300 metres high. My friend who liked her, wants to be the hero and save her. So he goes the route she took. When he gets there he starts crying, swearing and losing his mind. As he realises she is probably going to die. I get to the scene. Say a prayer with her. God calms everyone down. I recall speaking to The Lord, saying this predicament looks impossible to help her. I then hear a soft voice saying just reach out and take the leap. I do it. My family and friends panic. My sister grabs on to me and just like that its all over. Looking back, I basically leaped forward onto a ledge sticking out about 5cm, with a 300m fall beneath. My sister then jumps on me to safety. It was truly amazing. All the glory to God. I raised this event at her wedding. She burst into tears thanking God once more.
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  10. lol at 300m. It was more 300ft.
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  11. I would say simply spending time with The Lord. Prayer, reading scriputre, fellowship or just casual talk. When we do these things we become more aware of The Holy Spirit's presence. His presence can serve as confirmation for us on whether the soft voice is our mind or in fact God.

    I have never literally heard His voice to my ears. It is always a calm, soft, caring voice in my head (I hope atheists don't read that :)).
  12. About two years back we were visiting a water theme park at the coast and it was very busy. During the day my small daughter (who cannot talk) went missing. We realised immediately that she was gone and panicked because people steal children in my country. I immediately asked for God's help and the Holy Spirit told me exactly where she had gone. Nobody had stolen her but she had decided she wanted to go back into the aquarium to see the fish and that is exactly where I found her. Without the help of the Holy Spirit it would have taken hours to search the park.
  13. I had stored everything I own in plastic bin bags, and I went to pick them up at a unit, I knew this guy, but I have always kept a distant away from him. This guy was an arm robber a career criminal, before he came out the unit with my stuff, God spoke into my heart I felt exceeding joy, God told me to pray for him and his entire family. The joy I felt was incredible, exceeding joy, I have never felt joy in that way before.

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  14. I have been a christian for many years and have heard the Holy Spirit off and on those many years. I had surrendered my life to G_d and Jesus and it was bliss. The christian walk was far from boring. I depended on the still small voice for direction. It would bring understanding to the scriptures I read. The knowledge learned was immense. But recently something happened and I no longer hear the small voice of G_d. I get the quiet but no voice. Even while reading scriptures no longer the voice. I feel like I'm lost, with no direction or guidence. I feel lukewarm at best. Best way to describe it, or indifferent. Definitely no longer feel the love of G_d or His presence. This has greatly hampered my walk with G_d and Jesus. I still believe in G_d and Jesus, just that now everything is mondane. The fire has waned from a raging fire to a small glowing ember. I seek the embrace of the first love, but relationships are two- way. I seek G_d's and Jesus's face but I need to be sought out too. Like the lost lamb on the edge of the cliff I seek my rescuer to bring me back into the fold.
  15. Hi Aribeth

    Sorry to hear this!

    When I feel as you do I just remind myself that God is good, perfect and His love for us is greater then our understanding. The only flaw in the relationship is us. If anything is lacking it is our side. Consider Job. Hell hit him and he still loved God.
    Despite what he went through he KNEW God was good. He did certainly not ''feel'' God's closeness yet God was right there as always.

    Praying for you!
  16. Aribeth:
    Your post made me stop and think about all the sermons and scriptures I've read about the times when God was silent. I pray these words will provide a level of encouragement and continue to fight the good fight of faith.

    Let's start off by reflecting on the good; You HEARD from the Lord. There are so many Christians that have not heard from Him or heard very little (myself included in that) that I'm happy to know you heard Him on a continual basis for a period of time. Another good point is that when you heard from God, He revealed things to you (Jer 33:3). Aribeth, your experience is worthy of praise to God.
    I noticed you stated "something happened and I no longer heard the small voice...". Without putting your issue on 'public' display, did God give you instruction or pointed you in a particular direction? Are you being obedient? If it's an issue of disobedience, then God will certainly be quiet until He feels you are ready to truly trust Him. He was quiet to Abraham for almost 13yrs after he had Ishmael.
    If it's not obedience, could it be that the quiet time is time God is given you to prepare you for the next level? As humans, we are habitual in our movements. Could it be that God wants you to take the step out on faith and try something, rather than Him telling you?

    I pray this information was helpful to you. Read Hebrews 10:35-38 and ask God to provide you with the Grace to hear the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name - Amen.
  17. Hi Aribeth,

    Jesus said He will never leave us or forsake us. He also said He will not leave us as orphans - that is why He sent His Holy Spirit.

    All I can say is persevere praying to Jesus. Keep on reading your bible. Ask God if there is any unrepentant sin in your life (we all sin and sometimes this can separate us from God). God does not want anybody to be lost - He will never give up on you - have hope.

    If there are any prayer's you need please PM me.

    God bless

  18. the summer after my Fish year in college, I was working three jobs. From 5:30 AM to 10:00 PM. If you drink and drive you have a chance to make it home. If you sleep and drive, not so much. Not at all actually, trust me.

    I drove off the rode in a chevy chevette, errrr a beer can with a hatchback and wheels. I hit a culvert that was taller than the front of the chevette. I shaved off the top so it was at an angle showing my angle of ascent, yes ascent. I went 120 feet airborn and nearly as far sliding on the ground afterwards.

    I was in a coma for 5 days, and something like a semi coma for a couple of days. I suffered severe trauma to my body all over from impact, and my head was beat up. I bled gray matter out of my left ear. The docs told my parents I had already flatlined 3x on the trip in and in ER, and that they shouldn't speed to get there, because they wouldn't make it most likely.

    I flatlined, saw no lights. Which doesn't prove anything, just saying....

    Someone asked me if I was thankful for the miracle. I made them angry. That wasn't a miracle, that was good doctors. God PROVIDED good doctors, it wasn't supernatural, God performed the action within the natural. And I lost a friend because I made a difference in providence and miracles. Parting the red sea, perpetual burning bush, THOSE are miracles. A doctor doing his job, not so much.

    Full love and credit for God's providence. I have a scar on my right rib midway between arm pit and elbow from a .38 calibur bullet grazed/burned my skin. I have a scar on my back from a broken off knife blade, had the blade been there it would have been a kidney shot. As it was it's just ugly. I've been hit by cars, while on my feet 2x, both in parking lots around 20=30 mph. I've had a total (minus the one above) of 4 totaled cars. 2 were my fault, the other three weren't. (4 + the one above... =5). I've had a bout of congestive heart failure, I'll die of a big heart, if driving doesn't do it first, I've had arrythmia episodes that set off an internal cardio defibrillator and would have killed me if not for that. Am I thinkful to God, ABSOLUTELY, HE provides.

    But I can't accredit those to a miracle.

    That isn't to say HE won't/can't do miracles.

    What worries me in the Church today, and some areas are much more likely to be offensive than others, is how they teach the Spirit manifests. Some cultures are VERY firm believers in the Spirit world, and people can make promises of the Spirit that has them barking up the wrong tree. Some believe you must speak in tongues, or pray in tongues, or have all the galatians 5 gifts, or just one of them, or be bit by a snake, blah blah blah. But the Scriptural "caveats" or standards, of being indwelled by the Spirit are ignored.

    I just see way too many people, that claim spiritual gifts, so they will be accepted by other people, or so they will be able to convince themselves or others of their standing with God. WAYYYYY to many folks are led astray, than strengthened in my experience by this topic.

    And this isn't saying a thing about anyone's claims in here. The Spirit of God was definitely providing for me in the dozen or so instances above. I don't deny, nor belittle His influence.

  19. Hi guys. Been awhile. Still have the silence on the most part but getting used to it. Seen Jesus move in the troubles of my life lately. I think I might be hearing His voice again. That or my own conscience but it proves to be correct for solutions. I trust in that small still voice. Lastly, the word that keeps coming to mind is 'empty'. I feel empty inside, like waiting to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Now we are asked to put on the Mind of Christ, be renewed in mind and heart. To be embued with the new man/new creation, the Mind of Christ. To be given a new mind and heart, so this is what I have been seeking. I have also been getting to be filled with overflowing, living waters. To mature in Christ. Are we not to put on Christ?! Well that's my prayer for me and everyone who is empty and seeking, or yearning and seeking. God gives good things to His children. He doesn't give a stone for bread. Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened onto you. God gives heaped up , shakened up and pressed down to over flowing. Basically G_d blesses in abundance of good and heavenly things. I await the transmutation of character/fruits into Christ's.

    The enemy has been making me feel regret for every event in my life. Like never being good enough or should have done things differently. Talk about fiery darts. I thing we need to be embued with Christ's own character/fruits of the Holy Spirit because works done in human strength is filthy rags. G_d should be working in surrendered earthen vessels. Not the what I can do for G_d mantra which is religious pride, which talks of one's ego.
  20. miracle [ mir-uh-kuh l ]

    noun 1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. 2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God. 3. a wonder; marvel

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