Heard God speak to me while at church

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  1. It was short and quick. It meant alot.

    My relationship taught me alot about myself... But for him(guy in in a relationship with)to even attempt to forgive me gave me insight to Gods grace and mercy....tremendous insight.

    Still not sure what will happen to us, its hard to think about... Please pray that I can cope with whatever decision he makes. I don't want to live without him in my life ...they'll never be another him, I hate what I did. I don't want to lose him but I respect his decision.

    If this needs to be moved feel free to do so.
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  2. As with any relationship, you have to work at it. What if you went into a room and there's someone close sitting there and you say nothing. When you leave the room and say nothing. That's what we do when we don't talk to God. Prayer for Christians is breath.

    1 Thessalonians 5:17 (KJV)
    Pray without ceasing.​

    Literally every breath should be towards God, even when dealing with others.
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  3. You titled this God Spoke To Me While At Church, then all you state is about your Internet friend.

    What has God said or shown you about this guy?

    Is he more worldy in his biggest desires of you or is he more like Jesus first and most?

    Sometimes when you want something so much, it tends to cloud your judgment and far to many times as we begin to tell God All About it, we really are just getting our self excited about it and tend to get self excitement mixed up As God Giving Us Peace or A Yes.

    If you can lay him (anything) down at the alter and not pick it back up again until you have heard from God then you have a clear quiet heart to hear.

    But if you can not do this and it's on your mind All The Time then your thinking has become obsessed with this and you more then likely will not even hear His voice in it.

    Be cautious and be smart and let God's Answer be what you are looking for before you even look for your friends answer.

    Do Not Ever pray if it is your will God then let him forgive me and take me back.
    The enemy will be all to happy to answer that one for you.
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  4. Its not the guy its me. And I'm sorry , I did title it one thing and went on about something else... Bc I was just a bit out of it

    I heard God say, if only you knew how much I loved you...

    That's what I heard.
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  5. Now that's Awesome !!
    If you would tap into His Love and Go find out first hand how much He Truly Loves You, Well Autumn your entire Life and Being would change like you could not even imagine.

    Everything else would seem so little and insignificant to you.
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  6. Yeah, I need too. Its alot to take in.
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  7. Makes me have happy tears... that is so wonderful!
    Congratulations my friend!

    Great that you were at church also. I'm sure God was very pleased. For Hos only desire is to have a close relationship with you, to show you how much He loves you :)

    As overwhelming as it can be... it's a.great start to a good future

    Blessings to you and much more love from the Father
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  8. Try not to look at a big picture... but at a small piece, so it doesn't seem to be to much to believe or handle :)
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  9. Yes it can be overwhelming ....but I'm glad god loves me. I'm glad for his grace and mercy.
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  10. I thought the "guy" you were talking about was God :D It doesn't change my statement. :)
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