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  1. You say that you are here to learn without being confrontational, yet when a member shares his views, you call him bigoted, narrow minded, close-minded, ignorant, and hateful. That sounds quite confrontational and even, I might say, judgemental. This does not indicate openness to him as a person, nor do you display a desire to learn why he believes as he does. Rather than give him an opportunity to further explain his views, you immediately begin to judge and insult him. I find that a bit hypocritical, besides being a violation of our terms of service.
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  2. Vision1
    You say you are not here to attack any religion, but to learn the Christian view. I explained that to you and you go on to throw a tirade of abuse at me. ????? It makes me question why you joined this forum. Cypress you talk of hatred. Is it hatred to want people to know the wonderful good news of Jesus? Is it hatred to see someone go hurtling down a road at break-neck speed knowing that at the other end lies a sheer drop and certain death and try to stop them and lead them to the safe road? No my friend, that is not hatred but love.

    You say you have now left the mormon (LDS) church and you are here to learn. If that is the case, then can I suggest that you pray and ask God by His Holy Spirit to reveal the REAL JESUS to you, as the Holy Spirit is, after all, the greatest teacher of all.

  3. :confused:Think it's about time I learned to do quotes properly. The above looks like a dog's dinner to me:confused:
  4. The Lord Has Spoken and Will Not Repent...Heed His Words and Give Him Glory!

    7/17/07 From God The Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

    Timothy, My servant, hear and understand, and take to heart My word.

    Here is wisdom: Look on these, who have caused you great distress and heartache, even all these who have seemingly spoken against you in harsh tones, reproach, anger, envy, evil surmisings, contempt, strivings, blasphemies, heresies, backbitings and disputings of the heart and mind, in open and in secret... Timothy, to Whom have these spoken and with Whom do they contend, by every contemptible thought and deed? Against Whom have these gathered?... They do rebel against their God! Neither can they bear to hear, though they speak of Me, saying it aloud, even taking to themselves the name of My own Son. Timothy, take not one word or deed to yourself, not one... Pray for them. For though they are learned, they have become unlearned, knowing not that which is of God... Neither abiding in Christ, neither does He live in them. They have turned their faces from Me, shining their false light before men, according to that same false doctrine received by their forefathers.
    Therefore, Timothy, how then do you contend with them, as they have contended with you?... When, in truth, it is Me they have rejected, even My own word given them so they might come into true knowledge, a greater majesty of My Word.
    So I ask you, beloved, have you written these words? Are these your own works you have shown before this multitude? Have you done all these things by your own commandment? Have you taught or planted even one seed of Truth, according to your own understanding or knowledge?!... Vanity, Timothy!... Vanity! Taking these accusations and backbitings, even all these evil offenses and name-calling, to yourself, is great arrogance, the seeds of pride and vanities. For in the defending of yourself, you have taken also all I have given you and made it yours unknowingly...

    It is My Word!...

    My understanding!... My knowledge!...

    My own Spirit you have received.

    Step down from My throne and humble yourself... And repent. Vengeance is Mine, says The Lord!... I will repay. And of these who say they know Me, and do call of themselves “Christian” and “Jews”, even these I shall rebuke and chasten, so in their abasement they can be uplifted. I do correct and discipline even all those I love... Even as I have done with you.
    So know and understand: These, who will not heed My word, and do cast stones at My prophets by word and deed, in open and in secret, even these shall, by no means, be gathered when the Great Day of The Lord comes. Shall I reward these solely upon their proclamation of faith in My name?... I search the hearts and minds! And that spoken and unspoken, The Lord does know. Even all the thoughts of the mind, and the intent of the heart, is known by The Most High God.
    So then, even that spoken by these, who seem oh so righteous before men, can not cover over the heart’s true intent by Scripture and elevated words... Even those doctrines, covered in scarlet and purple, I know and do hate. For from the heart comes forth all things done in action and spoken by the mouth... Nothing is born of itself. Rather, that done and that spoken was first born of the heart, even the innermost thoughts of the mind.
    Timothy, fear not any of these, nor strive over words with them. For they do have ears, but can not hear, and eyes yet they can not see. For when even one tittle of correction or Truth is spoken from the mouth of God, even of Christ, these do quickly cover their eyes and plug their ears, lest they be found wanting and shown guilty of teaching heresies and blasphemies before God, in the name of The Son... Desecration! Shall I, then, reward them for these things and gather them, though they have learned nothing of the Truth as it was meant to be received, spoken and lived in, abiding wholly in the doctrine of Christ, by whom these are called, though they do not follow Him?... Nor do they carry any cross at all, refusing to pick it up for its weight; neither asking for strength, but turning aside after satan, who has come to subvert even all these houses called by My own name.
    Timothy, I have given you a sword, not a handcart. Use what I have given you, for My sickle is poised and ready for reaping. But, first, the harvest must be prepared and separated. You are sent as a teacher and prophet to those of a humble heart, who do always seek My face, and as a watchman and soldier to those who continually resist My Word and stifle My Spirit...

    Both the seeker and obstinate shall be pierced and struck through,
    And the truly wicked slain therein.

    For The Lord, your God, is no respecter of persons...
    Neither does The Lord change...

    Forever am I, and forever shall I be the same and unchanging.

    Go out, Timothy! You shall go where I send you, carrying a sharp sword, which is not your own, but that received of Mine given unto you. Strike at the nations (peoples)! Strike them down! Some uplifted unto great glory, and others to the humbling... And yet others, the wicked, to condemnation.

    So, all peoples, hear My Word and understand:

    The prophets are sent out... Their number, 144,000...
    Even 12,000 of each tribe...

    Hear the trumpet and the warning!

    The Day is at hand! The Day of The Lord!...

    REPENT! And give Me glory!

    Kiss The Son, you know His name... YahuShua, The Holy One of Israel.

    The harvest is bundled...

    The shout approaches quickly, and shall resound in all the world
    And in the ears of the first redeemed from the earth.

    The Lord has spoken and shall not repent...
    All things shall come to pass and be fulfilled, even in one week’s time (a seven-year period).

    Then, oh so insolent children,
    Then shall you know a prophet had been among you...

    The time is at hand.
  5. Is Timothy among us?
  6. Cypress, read these and act on them: 1 Corinthians 2:1-16, John 14:6, John 3:16-17, John 3:3, Romans 10:8-13, and then Ephesians 2:8-9. Then we can continue to talk about Biblical interpretations. Right after you jump up and down for joy. :)
  7. True or not we have nothing to fear because if we follow Jesus, He promises to keep us safe to the end.
  8. Let's go back to scripture and have a look at the Jerusalem council. What transpired there? The Apostles Paul and Barnabus went back to Jerusalem to find out if the Gentiles needed to keep the law of Moses to become Christians. There was a bit of a dispute between the religious leaders, What was the outcome?

    The outcomes was as follows:

    Act 15:10

    Now therefore why do you tempt God by putting a yoke on the neck of the disciples, a yoke which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?

    Act 15:11

    But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, according to which manner they also believed.
    What did they instruct the gentile believers to do?

    Act 15:28

    For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay on you no greater burden than these necessary things:

    Act 15:29

    that you abstain from meats offered to idols, and fromblood, and from things strangled, and from fornication; from which, if you keep yourselves, you shall do well. Be prospered.

    Act 16:4 And as they passed through the cities, they delivered to them the commandments to keep, the ones that were ordained by the apostles and elders in Jerusalem.

    If people want to keep the law of Moses then they had better keep the whole law. As far as I am concerned the apsotles did not teach the Gentiles to follow any religious feasts - in fact I cant recall one NT church following any feast from the Law of Moses.

    As for the Sabbath - There is not enough space here to refute the obedience to the Sabbath - except go and read the book of Hebrews, especially the part where the author discusses that Jesus is now our Sabbath. The book of Galations also explains a lot about the law and obeying the law of Moses.

    Almost every Sabbatarian church is founded on false prophets - check out the SDA who follow Ellen G White.

    I believe the true prophets from scripture - ones who actually spoke the truth. Why people follow false prophets who have been proven false is a mystery to me. Rather follow scripture and you cannot go wrong.

    The only way to salvation is through God's grace made possible through the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ. Believe in Him, that He died and was raised from the dead and you will recieve eternal life. Nothing we can do in our own strength will ever get us to heaven.

    To teach that obedience to Jewish holy days and sacred feasts is a requirement to salvation kind of limits the atoning work of Jesus on the cross. He nailed the law to the cross setting us free. Free to love God with all our hearts and to love our fellow man.
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  9. Reasonable Service

    3/25/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Lord’s Words Spoken to Timothy, During an Online Bible/Letter Study - For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

    Thus says The Lord: Blessed is that servant of Mine who seeks out the poor, whose heart is eager to help the needy, for they know My ways and seek to please Me. Blessed also is My servant who gives out of the abundance they have received, for they walk in My ways. Yet most blessed is My servant who gives from their lack, for they do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God... Lo, they have understood.

    Yet woe to the servant who ignores the poor, and draws back their hand from reaching out to the needy, while they sit at ease in their abundance. For great lack and much desolation are coming, coming quickly, to take from their abundance and to leave their houses desolate, to remove all they withheld!... That their eyes might be opened and their hearts softened, for these have yet to truly know Me.
    Woe also to My servant who feels they are in lack, and have refused to give even the smallest amount, for only tears and great sorrow await them... For they have not known Me, having learned nothing from the poor widow[1].

    Little flock, have you learned nothing from My Word?! Have you so quickly forgotten all My Letters, in where I have written to you by the pen of My prophets?!

    For indeed, who you choose defines what you do,
    As I have already taught you.

    And who are the poor and the needy?...

    How have you treated them, while entreating Me?

    Do not lie to yourselves, little children. Every one of you who live in these United States, who have sat at this table, want for nothing. And every one of you who live in the modern cities and towns, with their many luxuries and devices, also lack for nothing... Shall you mince words over a dollar, while others sit upon the ground and seek to draw water from a pit?! Shall you covet five dollars or even ten while you drive about in your automobiles, and yet your brothers and sisters overseas willingly walk miles to preach My Word, with joy, even unto their dying breath?! And still, some of you sit at ease in your padded chairs, punching the keys, saying within yourselves, “I am delivered”... You are NOT delivered!
    From the power of sin, yes My children, I have delivered you... Yet some of you remain married to this world! And those married must remain so. For no bride is to be shared, nor shall any spotted garment be worn at the wedding. For I am come to gather My bride, and I will surely marry her at the time appointed... Yet those who remain married to another, even to themselves, can by no means be joined unto Me, lest adultery be brought into the house of The Lord.

    Choose therefore!...

    Choose Me wholeheartedly, and in truth, with fervent love,
    And entreat Me at every opportunity...

    That our joy may be full!

    My beloved, you are My treasure! Yet some of you count yourselves as first, having loved another more than Me, therefore you must be last. For The Lord your God is no respecter of persons. I search the hearts and minds of all people! And that discipline reserved for the churches of men, is it not also for you, even to a greater degree? Or have you never read the Scripture, where I said, “For everyone, to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more”?... Therefore choose, make your decision... It is time!

    Beloved, I want you to be with Me, where I am!
    I want My servants to fly away with Me!...

    But first, there are many broken wings which need mending.

    I am The Lord.

    ↑ Mark 12:41-44
  10. Born Again

    2/6/07 From Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior -
    A Letter Given to Timothy, For Trent, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

    Trent, My servant and beloved, hear My voice and receive understanding of The Lord’s purpose, fulfilled in My servants of the new and everlasting covenant.
    None can enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless they are born again. All are born physically of human flesh, by great travail, into a world of sin. So then, to enter into My rest and My joy, the Kingdom of God, one also must be born again of the Spirit out of the world, a separation from all that is sin.

    My beloved son of men, you are being reborn and have been already.
    In the moment, in which you came before Me in repentance,
    Were you freed from the power of sin...

    This is My gift to you, this I did for you.

    Your freedom was not accomplished by human means.
    Rather, by My grace and the love of The Father are you saved.

    So then, My son, you ask how it is that The Father has said to Timothy, “You must be born again and again”. Beloved, I have spoken. And all that is written, according to the Word spoken of which Timothy has heard, stands... No contradiction found. Rather, in men’s understanding do men struggle.

    If one comes before Me, in all repentance and truth,
    With sincere remorse in their hearts, these shall surely be born again.

    Those, who do not and will not, shall be born once and die twice.

    And to those, who are born twice, it is appointed to them to die once,
    But by no means shall they die the second time.

    Yet here is a mystery:
    There are those among you, of this generation, who shall never taste death,
    Having passed from death to life, who will be awake at My coming.

    To My elect, there is a death of the body unto resurrection.
    And unto those, still living at My coming, is another kind of death...
    The death of their own spirits unto salvation, the putting on of the new man in Christ.

    So when born of human parents, a child and the mother suffer tribulation until the birth is complete. In so doing, they suffer and rest many times, but are only born once. It is not like this in the spirits of My elect. You are reborn once, in the Spirit, of the Spirit, and that Spirit I am. Yet by no means are you separated from the world in which you now live. So then, being born again is the process by which you are transformed into a child of Zion, a continual washing.
    Yes, I have died for the forgiveness of your sins, those of today, yesterday, and those sins of tomorrow. Yet man does continually stumble in this world, and so he must continually come to Me... And even seventy times seven times shall I cleanse him and lift him up.
    And so to Timothy, it has been spoken and written that he must be born again and again until I present him to The Father clean. This is not rebirth in the Spirit, again and again, but rather the process by which Timothy sheds the skin of this old man, and puts on this new man I have given him, in Me and of Me. And so there is one rebirth of the Spirit, but many rebirths of man’s own spirit, because of man’s continual sin, fear, doubt and temptation.
    So as Paul, so then likewise, must My servants die daily and be born again and again, a continual washing, even a strengthening, so they may stand in the Day of Troubles, able and worthy to uphold the full weight of the fullness of My Spirit, wearing the complete armor of God.
    Yet in another place, you asked, concerning those who teach in My name, “Why must these become, again, children of God?” This is not rebirth in the Spirit, but rather a correction and a washing, for these have strayed off the path, though they claim to follow Me. And when one strays off the path and follows after the world, teaching in the churches doctrines of demons, what father, I ask you, have they accepted, and whose child are they becoming? And so, with a firm hand, I will surely correct and discipline those I love, so they may again return to Me. And all those, who follow Me in truth, are children of God once again.
    So then, all must be born again and again, according to their own spirits, in their walk, for My road is hard and the way is very narrow. But all this stumbling and lifting up is part of the same single rebirth and transformation of and by the Spirit... My children learning to walk in Me and My ways. For My Spirit has come to live in you, and will convict you in your hearts, over and over, of all things in your life that are against God and unseemly in His sight.
    So Trent, My son, you have become reborn in the Spirit and have a new heart, but by no means is this birth complete... You are that fruit that is still ripening, as you have said. In this, you have spoken well by the wisdom I have given you. And when the Day comes, and is coming quickly, and is nearly upon you, I shall come and gather you and pluck you out of this tree, which is the world, because you also grow from the True Vine, wherein these last days you have been and are now being pruned.

    And when you are taken, the mystery shall be no more a mystery...
    The birth shall be complete...
    The old order of things in you passed away...

    You have become completely new.

    As a new babe is born naked and wrapped in soft linens,
    So also will My people be born naked,
    Void of all things of this world,
    And clothed in fine linens of white.

    Behold, the old man is the new man... The earthly, heavenly.

    The corrupt has put on incorruption... And the mortal, immortality.
    That created, refashioned in glory...
    Of which shall never fade, nor be covered over, again.

    The Morning Star has risen and shines upon the new age of men,
    For they are forever seated at His right hand,
    Bathed in glory, their joy fulfilled...

    A return to the Garden and paradise lost...

    All things restored.

  11. Flavio .... When you receive these prophecies, do you hear voices internally? Or does the one talking to you talk out loud? Does God put in a personal appearance? Jesus?
    Or do your hands just automatically start typing?

    Can you inform me about that, please?
  12. A Leap of Faith

    Home > Volume 6 > A Leap of Faith
    3/4/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy During an Online Bible/Letter Study Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

    Oh My beloved... My beloved... How I long to gather you, how I long to hold you... Where are you? I hear your voices, I see your words, even these offered up before My face...

    Oh beloved, why have you not leaped?...

    Why have you withheld your hearts from Me?...

    I hear your voices, yet the sound of your hearts remains quiet...

    Unwilling to break free and just believe.

    Know you not, that you are Mine?...

    Even I had formed you... And by Me are you born again.

    Hear now: I call to you once again, with renewed strength and vigor... Beloved, the Day has come, it is upon you... Even the pangs have begun and are being felt around the world... Beloved, My treasure, GIVE ME GLORY!
    You see My words in the Volumes and those in the Scriptures of Truth, even as these Letters shall be called the same, yet they have not entered in, nor do I see them written in your hearts. You listen to My words, yet I do not see them resonating in your lives... BEAR FRUIT!... Beloved, bear fruit.
    The time is ending, the end of the age is here!... AWAKE! Come now and take the leap!... Leap! Yea, run forward, and watch how strongly I hold you. Grasp Me by the hand so we can move quickly, with your feet barely touching the ground... Oh how blessed shall you be, so blessed.

    Beloved, My little ones, My children, hear Me!...

    It is time!...

    It is time for rebirth, glorious rebirth!

    Yet for the world, it shall wane. Behold, it is diseased, mortally ill... It is dying. Even now it gasps for its last breath, fading into darkness. Even so, amen... For from death shall come new life, even a New Day without end.

    Beloved, awake!... It is time!

    I am on My throne!...

    And I have come to harvest and to judge, to renew and to destroy.

    For I am King over all creation!... The Creator of All Things...

    Even from everlasting, I AM GOD...

    Lord of Heaven and Earth!

    Glory, great glory is coming!... GREAT GLORY!

    Beloved, rush forward and partake of Me fully!

    All those who wait, those who bear no fruit, who yet walk according to this world, shall not escape. Yet even among these, there are many who I know and must bring also... They shall ripen, they shall be severely broken and ripen very quickly, in the Day.
    Therefore, beloved, I call to you once again, I am pouring out My heart upon you... Receive. Bow down and wail, offer up your tears until your eyes run dry... Come to Me. Then stand up and give Me glory, giving Me your every moment, your whole heart. Offer up your entire life as holiness to The Lord, says The Lord Your Righteousness, The Author of Life and Love... The Bearer of your cross, The One and only True God from whom you were separated... Behold, I have drawn you very close.

    Come and share in My joy, receive of My love, partake of My life...

    Drink in My fullness.

    Behold, the time of refreshing is coming quickly,
    For all those who forsake all and run to Me!...

    My children, RUN!...

    Make Me your everything... Leap! Run!...

    Fall into My arms!

    I can wait no longer.

    Make haste, and run from this world... Beloved, run! Run from your sins... Run! Run from all those who deny Me... RUN! Run from all these churches made by human hands, who sit in the dark, lulling My sheep to sleep... Beloved, AWAKE and run! Run from all these preachers who steal from My body, rape My daughters and corrupt My bride. Run from all who practice vain glories, shining their false light before men to receive glory from them... RUN! Run from all these voices, from this choir of false doctrines, who sing the songs of man’s traditions... Yea, run from the deceiver and he who accuses you.

    Hear MY voice, and run toward the sound of MY voice... Hear Me calling!

    Beloved, lose yourselves in My love...

    Fall upon Me and break, and I shall surely bear you up...

    Behold, you shall be refashioned.

    Look, here I am beckoning to you... Run to Me!

    Abandon this world and collapse into Me...

    Oh My treasure, I have been waiting for you.

    Behold, from the beginning I have loved you, knowing the day we would be together... You are Mine... You are Mine... YOU ARE MINE... And who can steal you away from My love, who can overcome The Lord?! For My Father is greater than everything, and who can snatch you from His Hand?!... Beloved, I am He, The Lord’s Right Hand, and who can take you from My grasp?!

    Run into My arms, and hold Me fast...

    For who can break MY hold? And what can cause ME to let go?...

    Who can overcome MY love?...

    For The Father and The Son are One... Our power infinite!...

    My love beyond words, My ways past finding out.

    Therefore, have peace and embrace Me now...

    Hold Me fast through all these storms...

    For I am The Lord, I have defeated the world...

    Behold, it is My footstool.
  13. This thread has been closed with prejudice.

    There are questions as to the source and validity of the prophesies presented.

    No further discussion of these prophesies will be allowed.
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