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  1. Health Links

    since there seemed to be such a mess over these links I removed them myself.
  2. health links

    fat flusher pills from world of entertainment23 are good
  3. I love each and every one of you guys and the last thing I want to do is be a party pooper BUT- please send all off site links to Jeff (ADMIN) and have them cleared before posting- this rule is in place because of some unfortunate problems we have expierienced in the past-OR
    you can do this - I like to go to a site named fit-day or body and fitness- this is a way of sharing your info without violating the rules.
    If you have already posted here I would ask you to go back and edit your post - bring it in compliance with the regulations and then share all these good things with us- Thanks for your time and understanding- many blessings- in His Name- Larry
  4. I got your E-mail, this was done when I was a mod here, Jeff did not have a problem with them then and if he does now he can feel free to remove them....Thanks
  5. Just doing what I thought I was supposed to do- a simple reply to my e-mail would have straightened the whole thing out brother-
  6. I am a sister, and all you had to do is ask......Like I told you I have been gone from here for months and I did not get an E-mail. I got a PM. You did not ask! You told me I was breaking rules. What happen to my thread I started for Jeff???? Did Jeff delete it or did you? It does not matter I sent him the samething in a PM.

    So sorry Jeff, your such a sweetie, I am so sorry this is taken place. Maybe you can read this one before it is deleted, but if not I have sent you a PM. God Bless you Jeff......I wish your forum well.

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